delphinium, blue mirror

Fresno, CA

Are these plants evasive?

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

Do you mean Invasive, like they spread heavily or takeover? No I don't believe so. I checked with PlantFiles at DG and there was no mention by anyone of it being an invasive plant.

Tampa, FL(Zone 10a)

Little bucket, for you they would be a fall planted annual.

Thumbnail by DaleTheGardener
Fresno, CA

Yes I meant invasive. I planted them in the summer last year and they are growing very nicely already. They went away with the frost, and came back this year so I guess they are perennials in my zone.

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

I'm planting those this year:) I love pretty much anything blue. I wish mine came back reliably but the self-sowers don't always come back for me. That's great that yours turned up again!

Southern, CA(Zone 8b)

Dale, I like your house! It`s awesome.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi littlebucket, your Delphiniums are perennials in any country any zone anywhere, what some people may have, is too cold a zone and loose these plants to frost and the roots being killed off by deep ground freeze, therefore will have to plant new each year, however, with a load of leaf mould or some other mulch in winter, they will survive. when they die back on you, in winter, that is their rest period and as the new shoots come through in spring, they will have managed in that period to make new shoots therefore the plants will bulk up and get bigger but they should not reach anything like invasive, as for self seeders, these will only become a problem IF you dont weed them out, or let them grow on till they are big enough to pot on and increase your stock or give them away to fete or other group trying to get funds for whatever. It is a good idea to lift and split your clumps of Delphiniums say every 4/5 years as if left alone, they die in the middle and all the growth to the outside, you would do this at the end of the season or, when new growth shows in spring., this is a good time to add compost for water retention and also some food granuals to replace all the energy food they have used up while flowering their hearts out over the years. if you do keep the self seeded plants, they may not be as good as the parent as the birds and insects may have helped to croos polinate for you, these seeders will take 2 years to reach good flowering plants, hope this helps you some, they are beauties and dont know anyone who would not be thrilled to have the lovely show that you have and your colour coordination is just great, well done and good luck. WeeNel.

Columbia Station, OH

I just started these indoors from seed in hopes of adding them to my butterfly garden later this year. Our area is zip code 44028 in Lorain County, Ohio. Having never started a perennial from seed, I'm a bit nervous about the outcome. The package claims they take 18 to 24 days to germinate so I must be patient. If they thrive, they will make a wonderful addition to my garden!

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