brug questions for everyone

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

Now that i have lost my mind and acquired a bunch of different brugs, would like imput (always backwards). would like to know which brugs bloom most, the most fragrant, the ones that might not come back from winter, and the worst brugs you have grown. maybe this will save me some money and agonizing. thanks

Biloxi, MS(Zone 8b)

The Insignis Pink blooms the best for me and returns most of the time...even after what us Southerners call a cold winter.
The worst Burg....for some unknown reason it is the Peaches and Cream. I have one that is growing very well in the ground but have a hard time getting them to grow in containers.
Hope this helps a little.


Arlene, the worst ones for our area are the sanguinea and the vulcanicola hybrids. Arborea comes in next. Now I say worst for our area, but I am still trying to grow these beauties and I know the folks in Vero Florida who hybridize have had success with the Arborea even further south than us. Just expect the arborea to die back in the summer as its a bit too hot here this far south for the Arborea. Not to worry, it will come back and bloom in the winter months for you. Or so I here, I haven't actually grown the arborea myself. I was afraid to till the hybridizers in Vero finally got one to make it through the summer.

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Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

Brugmansia: I've started B. arborea from seed and have them sprouting. The seeds came from Pure Land Ethnobotanicals and they tell me they are species. Once they grow bigger would you like me to put your name on one.


BrugCrazzy, I remember Pureland-never ordered from them, but I remember them. Seeds should be much bigger than aurea seed thoug if its real arborea seed. Good luck with the arborea seed. As you know, I would never turn down an arborea-Still, aurea hybris are my favorite. Only need one true arborea to finish my collection. Yes, I have thought about trying to hybridize with arborea and aurea-but thats really a pipe dream. Not too likely to hold water. Nice to have in the collection, but aurea hybrids are much more valuable to me to hybridize with. Just set frosty pink pollen to my B.butterfly. So, Isabella and Frosty pink are both crossed to my newest pink aurea's...I never learn.... Ahh, good tidbit for those hybridizing. Pull out the flower from inside the corolla during rainy weather to keep it from rotting against the pistal. This could potentially cause you to lose some seed before it even gets going.

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

Yes, the seeds were bigger than the aurea seeds I also got from them. I just planted them last week and they are already germinating. I'll put your name on one just in case. The questionable brug now has only 1 split in the calyx in the new flowers. Hopefully one day I will find out exactly what it is. I'm sending it to people as maybe flava hybrid or arborea hybrid but not sure. Did you get one from Liz? If not I'll send you one.


Brugcrazzy, if you would grow one up till it needed to be pulled out of the seed tray then of course I would like one, but don't dare send me one until they are big enough to withstand being shipped. Thanks for the kind offer. I will have a few thousand seed here shortly-so if you would like a bit I may find a few nice crosses for you.

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

Brugmansia: I won't send you the arborea until it is a decent sized plant, don't worry. I don't want my babies dying in transit. But I will put your name on one. Hopefully it is the real thing. I'd love any nice crosses of seeds that you are willing to part with. I'm still trying to get mine to go to seed. I'm not sure it's warm enough here. Is that possible. Right now it's raining and miserable. All the blossoms on the brugs are very unhappy.


Wet conditions are fine- and fall and spring are my best seed setting months. Wet conditions can lead to rotting corolla's which can in turn rot the pistal if it clings on. Best to remove the corolla if one notices it turning brown. Giving it a gentle pull will generally dislodge it. The calyx seems to speed up formation of the seedpod via creating a bit of humidity as well, but as with everything I say take it with a grain of salt.

Biel, Switzerland(Zone 7a)

Hi Brugmansia,
If you like,I can send you a pack of Arborea seeds.As I posted to Arlene before,it seems to be "the" Brug here where I live,and I am sure most came from seeds bought at our garden center.I have only seen the seeds in the last few weeks,so I imagine they are fresh..well,kind of :). Let me know.

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