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Does a fuel effecient rv exist?

Athol, MA

Many years ago I was the proud owner of a Chevy 20 van camper conversion. It got 13 m.p.g. That was considered good at the time. I'd like to get back into rving and would like to know if anything ecconomical exists out there. I'm not into towing anything and only need enough room for myself and my lab. Toyota used to make a popup one but have long since discontinued it.

Snohomish, WA(Zone 8a)

Check out RV options based on the Dodge Sprinter Van. They run a smallish diesel motor that is pretty fuel efficient - definately not a cheap rig though. Also Volkswagen used to sell a Van-a-gon or something like that which was very easy on the fuel and very versatile as a one or two person camper. You had to be a bit patient with it though as it was a slug to drive.

Kalispell, MT(Zone 4b)

I saw the coolest thing last summer. It was an aluminum low profile trailor that slept 2 people in the front of the trailor and Had TV 12 volt everything. The cooking area was at the back of the trailor and you stood under a canopy and every kitchen device was fixed in there. So You could dress in the sleeping area but not sit up. Lots of head room and I think the whole thing weighed only 700#. Quite efficient. It had heat, skylights etc. I don't remember who made it but it was great! Lots of storage areas through the whole trailor. Here is a similar one.

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Athol, MA

thanks for the suggestions. I'm familiar with the teardrop trailers and have considered them . I would prefer not to tow anything. As I said, I used to own a van camper conversion and one of the great things about it was that I could stop just about anywhere to sleep without being hassled. It looked more like a vechicle than a camper. The Dodge sounds nice but pricey. Perhaps there are reasonalbly priced used ones around somewhere. More suggestions would be great. Thanks again.

Missouri City, TX

Many years ago, Toyota had the Chanook (sp). It was quite small, but worked fine in the Colorado mountains - narrow roads, etc.

If you could find one, I'm reasonably sure it would be cheap and probably need to have the engine/transmission rebuilt, but it would be cheaper than buying something new. Probably would get 20-25 mpg.

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