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Round robin question

U.P., MI(Zone 5a)

Hi everyone,
I am thinking of starting a round robin for a small garden group I started. I am new at this and I have a couple of questions. I know I just make an anouncement and have people sign up and send me their address. I than send the box to the first person on the list but how does the next person know who to send to. Do I put a list
in the box or do I just email each person as they get the box and tell them where tp send it?
Thanks for your help,

Mesilla Park, NM

I'm starting one and this is how I'm going to do this.

I Posted the Robin, set your rules such as setting a deadline date for signups, kinds of seeds your robin will be needing, request their addresses, type up the addresses on either labels (if I can figure out how to do the labels) or just type them on a sheet of paper and cut off the addresses to look like lablels and they can tape them onto the box. Also, attach a list with your labels of all the participants invloved so that the next person knows who is next.

Just number each person on the list and put your labels in the same order. If you want the Robin back to you, make sure you specify and make a return label for yourself at the end.

and so forth, I include all instructions in a separate envelope or baggie on top of all the seeds so that they will find it first thing when the box is opened.

I'm sure there are more experienced RRers here that can give some more help in this area..

Northeast, NE(Zone 5a)

Sue,In a few I have participated in on another site, the hostess even went so far as to map the robin out so that each participant sent it on to the next closest person on the list.rather than person 1 sends to person 2 clear across the country and so on. Hope that makes sense.Those really seem to fly fast LOL

U.P., MI(Zone 5a)

Thanks everyone :)

Richmond Hill, GA

Ok I'm a newbie so I hope this isn't a really dumb question. When you do a seed Round Robin, can you replace them with store bought seeds or do they always have to be collected seeds from your garden.

Near Lake Erie, NW, PA(Zone 5a)

Arlene, both RRs I was in had seeds collected by members and seeds that were store bought. Just make sure they are labled correctly. Just follow the rules. I guess some RR's can be very specific on the seeds you can include.

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