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Seedlings staggered in germination - what to do?

Columbus, OH

Once again I seem to have gotten my seedling going on a different cycle - some are up and going for broke, others are just now germinating, and the rest, well RIP is my guess. How long should I give new seedlings under the humidity domes while I wait for others to germinate before I start running into problems with damping off or fungus or goodness knows?

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

I assume you've got several types of seed germinating under the same dome. I like to get the ones that have germinated out of there ASAP; this is when they really need some air circulation. And its good to keep waiting on the others; they sometimes surprise you when you think they're long gone. I quit using the domed flats for that reason. Now I just use 6" pots, 1 variety per pot, covered with saran wrap. Then I transplant into cells or pots when true leaves show.

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