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Mona in Metcalfe, ON(Zone 5a)

As always in october I stored my calla lilies for the winter it is now only the first week in march and warmer temperatures are still two months away and my callas have growth of about four to five inches in white no color should I plant them inside or just leave them and plant them as usual in two months and is this going to affect the plant and the flowers.??????

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Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

Can you pot them up in something so that they can continue to grow? That's what I'd do. I don't do callas, but I do caladiums and as soon as they start showing growth, I put them in pots and keep them inside till the weather moderates.

My caladiums go in big pots where they stay all summer, but you can plant your callas individual ones if you intend on transplanting to other areas of the garden.

If they don't get planted in something soon, I fear that it will stress your plants and they may not bloom for you.

Windsor, ON(Zone 6a)

I would definitely plant them. That way, you will give them a head start. When you plant them outlide, you will already have leaves and roots, and they will flower sooner. Just be sure to put them in a south or west facing window for the light.

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