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Luffa trellis?

Niagara Falls, NY(Zone 6a)

What's the best type of trellis to grow luffa upon? I really want to grow it to the full, now-it's-a-body-scrubber stage, not just the young, veggie stage, but I didn't know where else to put this question. Someone said the vines can be quite long and will go up a flat trellis, back down again and then start to grow on the ground. Does that mean the best trellis is one with two sides and a flat top so there is lots of room for it to grow and drop the fruit through the flat top of the trellis? (Did that make sense? ;)

Thanks for any help/suggestions.

Mesilla Park, NM

i'm going to try these cattle panels for growing gourds, but don't see why they would not work for luffas. They are 5x16 ft long and I want to fold it over into an arch. But, you could just put it on its side and plant that way, by staking the ends and middle down. I plant to use metal fence stakes. There are some cattle panels that are 19.00, these had the smaller holes and were 49.00 ea.

I want to use them for other things also, that is why i got these ones. but i believe that the 19.00 are the same size in length, just the holes are bigger.

Have them tied to the fence till we put them up.

Thumbnail by Gourd
Mesilla Park, NM

Check out the Gourd Forum, there are tons of ideas there for gourds, etc.., and probably the vine forum will also have some stuff. I know that I use slings to hold up the heavy gourds on the fence, I only grew one luffa a couple of years ago and got only one. might try it again.

edited to add gourd forum link: they talk about this subject here on this thread..pretty current too:

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Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

ScotDeerie, I've grown them just up chain link fences, farm fences, up strings that were tied to the deck railing, and also directly in the garden, letting them sprawl. (They stay nicer and straighter if you have them climb something though, not sprawling on the ground.)

Hope this helps!

Niagara Falls, NY(Zone 6a)

I use my cattle panels for the horses but the idea is good, nonetheless. Do you think the metal might get too hot, though?

I'll check out the Gourd forum. I'm new so I didn't know there was one! :)

THX everyone!

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