Locally grown flowers for a D.C. wedding

My daughter is getting married June 30 in Washington, DC. She wants to use only locally grown flowers from the farmer's markets for the decorations. We would like to get an idea of what type and colors of flowers that we may expect to find in the DC area for that time period.

Washington, DC(Zone 7a)

Cheers to your daughter and for you to support this. Great idea! There are several local farmers who sell flowers and are willing to arrange growing flowers specifically for an event like a wedding. Depending on how many flowers your daughter would like, you may not be able to count on a farmer having enough the week you need them. But if you arrange before hand with the farmer, they will grow them for you or set them aside that week. I suggest getting out to the markets immediately and talking to the growers to see who sells flowers and if they want to arrange something like this with you. There are a few all year round markets and the rest opening up in April or May. Or check out the Local Harvest web site for links to local farmers.
I worked with Tree & Leaf farm in VA last season at the Mount Pleasant farmer's market and they grew Dahlia's for somebody's wedding. You can find their web site through google. Good luck.

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