My seed exchange seeds for 2006

St. John's, NL(Zone 5b)

I missed out on the ORGS (Ontario Rock Garden Society) seeds this year and with the restrictions on seeds being sent into and out of the USA, I don't bother with NARGS anymore. However, by working at a botanical garden, we get accesss to the seed exchnages of other botanical gardens via their 'Index Seminum'. Essentially it is only the European BG's that do this, but they send out their seedex to many BG's, including mine. Normally, our BG didn't bother but with our large rockery and need for some new plant material, I have taken upon myself to avail of these free seeds. I think I applied for seeds from 7 BG's, but so far have only gotten 4. Here they are:

Reykjavik Botanical Garden, Iceland (some REALLY nice alpines here!)

Aquilegia skinneri
Aquilegia fragrans
Aquilegia glandulosa
Aquilgia barnebyi
Aster yunnanensis
Callianthemum anemonoides
Callianthemum coriandrfolium
Campabnula grossheimii
Campanula komarovii
Campanula siegizmundi
Campanula collina
Campanula serrata
Campanula alpina
Campnaula tatrae
Cremanthodium arnicoides
Cremanthodium helianthus
Cremanthondium delavayi
Delphinium cashmerianum
Delphinium depauperatum
Delphinium menziesii
Dodecatheon dentatum
Dodecatheon jeffreyi
Dodecatheon clevelandii
Doronicum austriacum
Gentiana crassicaulis
Oxalis acetosella
Papaver radicatum ‘Rubriflorum’
Penstemon whippleanus
Penstemon gormnaii
Primula latifolia
Saussurea alpina
Silene pusilla

Nantes Botanical Garden, France:

Achillea tomentosa
Allium carinatum ssp. pulchellum
Asyneuma canescens
Dianthus hungaricus
Gentiana kurro
Papaver nordhagianum
Papaver apokrinomenon
Penstemon alpinus
Satureja montana
Thalictrum pubescens

Grugapark, Germany:

Astrantia major ‘Claret’
Belamcanda chinensis
Berberis wilsoniae
Betula hallii
Campanula trachelium ‘Alba’
Coreopsis palmata
Deschampsia cespitosa ‘Goldenhange’
Nepeta X faassenii ‘Snowflake’
Nepeta X faassenii ‘Walker’s Low’
Platycodon grandiflorum
Primula beesiana
Primula paxiana
Rosa moyesii
Rosa pendulina
Rudbeckia subtomentosa
Satureja montana ssp. illyrica

Royal Hort. Society:

Cotoneaster amoenus
Cotoneaster franchetii
Geranium clarkei
Geranium psilostemon
Linum capitatum
Meconopsis nepaulensis
Ourisia macrophylla
Penstemon procerus
Photinia davidiana
Primula chungensis
Scabiosa columbiana ‘Nana’
Thalictrum rochebruneanum

St. Andrew’s Botanical Garden, Scotland

Allium narcissiflorum
Aster mongolicus
Campanula takhadzhianii
Erigeron uniflorus
Erigeron flettii
Gentiana parryi
Gentiana gracilipes
Gentiana bisetaea
Globularia incanescens
Hieracium lanatum
Inula royleana
Iris clarkei
Iris bulleyana
Lychnis wilfordii
Meconopsis latifolia
Meconopsis X beamishii
Potentilla delavayi
Rheum alexandrae
Saussurea riederi ssp. Insularis

Those that may be direct sown were sown this past week. The others are now undergoing moist stratification and will be sown in mid-April. I'm sure only a handful of these will come to anything, but there is some really nice potential here. Many of these plants I've never heard of! Extra seedlings will go our local Rock Garden Society for their plant sale. Our members will be VERY happy!

North East England, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Wow you did well there. Looks like you will be very busy. Good luck!

Saint Bonifacius, MN(Zone 4a)

A list! A LIST !!!

Someone else (besides Rann) included a list for me to peruse! Thanks Todd. You will be a busy boy.

somewhere, PA

oooo... sounds wonderful. i'm looking forward to hearing how they all do for you Todd.

I've got all my NARGS 1st round seeds sowed. Many are in the refridgerator for cold
stratification. I love seed starting! So much potential at this point.


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