Cuttings from Old Apple Tree

Gregory, MI

Does anyone have experience with taking cuttings from apple trees?
My grandmother's very old (unidentified variety) apple tree is on its way out. My dad would desperately love to save it, but I think its about done for, the bark started peeling up and flaking off one side of the main trunk over the winter. I am hoping it has enough life left in it to get some cuttings from, won't really know until things start leafing out. I was hoping to be able to root cuttings, but I've Googled extensively and the only methods I can find mentioned of propagating fruit trees are by grafts. I don't even know where to begin to look for grafting stock, or if I should attempt this myself.

Anyone have suggestions, tips?

Rome, GA(Zone 7b)

Raintree Nursery sells rootstock to graft onto and other supplies.

I've never grafted and I imagine it takes a bit of practice, but who knows, you may luck out and get some to start.


Missouri City, TX

Are there any apple orchards near you? Someone that has one might be willing to help you.

Gregory, MI

Thanks for the link to Raintree! I'll have to contact them later, after determining if there are any cuttings worth taking off the poor old thing. I see they even let you mail them the scion wood and they'll do the graft for you. I never even thought of calling the local orchard! Stupid me, I'll have to make a stop by there and see if anyone can lend me advice. I'd still like to try rooting cuttings, most of the grafting stock I see available is for creating dwarf trees, or ones that need support. I want to try to maintain the original look of this heirloom tree.

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)


There is a man a few cities over well-known for preserving heirloom apple trees. I'm sure he can give you great advice and guidance.

Should you want to contact him please feel free to dmail me for his contact info. (He has no email so you'd have to snail mail him or telephone.)


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