Somerville, MA(Zone 5a)

is my pachysandra SUPPOSED to make it over the winter? I have never had a yard with it so my only experience is ripping it up - lol. but anyways, mine did surrvive, but is looking very down trodden from when it finally got cold around here . should i cut it back [if its not supposed to OW] or does it keep its foliage all winter? I would go take a pic, but it just started to snow, eeew

Menasha, WI(Zone 5a)

Pachy makes it fine, I think down to zone 4 even.

I cover mine with boughs(because it helps and I get them free).

Here is mine today.

Thumbnail by bigcityal
Somerville, MA(Zone 5a)

looks a lot like mine, cool thanks!

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