Need help w/visual evaluation/identifying

Spiro, OK(Zone 7a)

Hey guys, I went out and like a mad-woman, took shots of my yard so I could ask you some questions. I'm going to link the photos to photobucket so the page will load quickly. First, I have a ton of bulbs coming up. I think they are a combo of lillies and tulips, but I'm not sure. Here they are:

What do I need to do to keep them coming up well? The first pic doesn't really show it, but I think my handyman stepped on some of them. Do I need to groom away the dead junk from last year, and what's the safest way to do that (i.e. should it normally be done at the end of the summer when the plant first dies, or now as the new ones are coming up?)

I've got a few "edibles" that seem to be coming up already. I think they are:

Green onions?

The last one is actually in my garden pictured here:

You'll notice the old heads of cabbage on the left, the half-composted corn stalks in the middle and the rotting gourd on the right. (Should all plants be mounded like they've mounded the cabbage? I'm going to be tilling the whole thing, but I have never mounded my dirt to plant in the past.

The back half of the garden is covered in what I think are strawberries: (wide view) (close-up)

In among them, however, are these odd pods - sorry the pic is a little blurry:
The outside is dry and sort of brittle, and the "berry" inside is hard and has a slight sweet smell when squashed. I haven't ever seen that before.

Here are a few plants I came across that I have no idea what they are: (some kind of vine) (the bush in my front yard - the leaves are variegated dark green and light green) (my poor mutilated tree)

My rose bushes look HORRIBLE, and I'm afraid to cut them back now for fear of shocking them. What should I do???

Lastly, here is my whole backyard: - where would be a good place to try and place a grape arbor? This yard faces south, and the picture was taken around 4pm.

I know this message has an overload of questions, but even if I can't make my yard the perfect gardener's delight this year, I really want to do what I can to improve it so next year it will be off to a healthier start. I really appreciate any help you can offer.

Menasha, WI(Zone 5a)

Hi - yeah it's a bit overwhelming.
My plant ID guesses are: English Ivy, Dogwood, tree might be a Boxelder. Not sure if any of those I would save.LOL

Missouri City, TX

Husk covered berry - We grew ground cherrys in northern MN. Had two rows 25-30 feet, plants 12-18 inches apart. Flavor is different - acquired taste. We liked them.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

iris, grass, maybe some perennial
close up of daylilies?
tulip and daffodil foliage
daylilies along wall, maybe just grass in rest of bed
green onions,maybe a regular onion that divided. you could eatthem as green, or divide and replant
chives yes
onion yes
strawberries yes
ground cherry yes, or could be weed relative
with al on last three

Somerville, MA(Zone 5a)

that tree is not worth keeping under that wire, i would get rid of it. i saw lots of tulips and iris in the photos but there was a weird one i didnt recognize maybe coz of the close up.

i wouldnt worry about the roses, cut them back to where new growth is emerging or how ever far back to get rid of the growth provided for last years blooms. they look very hearty and if you wait till a little warmer and rosetone after should be happier than ever!

Spiro, OK(Zone 7a)

Thanks much guys. I'll have to see about the tree. They just cut it back to where it is because there is a ton of trunk and branches behind my shed. I hate to kill a tree that old, but you're right, it'll probably give me a headache later. I can't wait for all these bulbs to come up!!! I'm going to work on de-grassing and de-weeding my beds over the next few weeks. I haven't every owned a house w/such a big yard (and weather to grow things). Hopefully I'll have much nicer pictures by the middle of summer!

Gregory, MI

You should probably take out the tree. Most of the bark is off, indicating that it is dead/dying - probably why it was hacked all the way back to the main trunk, to keep branches from falling on the houses. All those little whip-like growths sprouting like tentacles from all the cuts are the tree attempting to keep growing, but it isn't going to look very attractive or be healthy from here on out.

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