Bradyville, TN

Can anyone help me with killing these wild onion's in my flower bed. Is there any home remedies I can use?

Tampa, FL(Zone 10a)

Eat them. They are very tasty when the weather is cool.

Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

Tell your 10 year old there is an onion at the base of those little white flowers and have her dig out of curiousity.

(worked for me)

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

you can hand dig,(or a kid!) but be sure to get all the little bulbs and offsets. If you spray with roundup you need to rub them first, or swat them with a flyswatter(read this from another dave's gardener) to bruise the leaf and allow the chemical in.

Flora, IN(Zone 5a)

An easy, safe, nontoxic way is to use a tea kettle of boiling water. Works for me.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

If you have to use Roundup in a bed or in a lawn, but want to kill only--say the wild onions--and leave everything else "safe", cut the bottom out of a pot or a coffee can (or such) and slip this over the plant to be sprayed. This will keep the Roundup only on the plant you want sprayed.

I just used the aerosol Roundup (it's like shaving lotion) on my onions using the technique above. It does not float through the air if there is a breeze. Today is the second day after--and they are all turning yellow already.

Hope this helps, Gita

Fenton, MO

Great Ideas...I get the wild onions in my garden alot too! Personally, they are the easiest to pull up, rather than various weeds. They all stay in bunches. They had me fooled for awhile though...I could've sworn they looked like long grass, but then I got a whiff of the smell and thought differently! (obviously new at this, can't you tell?)

Lenoir, NC

For St. Patrick's Day on TV they had traditional recipes and one was for a wild onion soup.

They said the children would gather them and told how to make it. Said it was much milder than you would think and tasted very good. They said it served as a spring tonic as well. Should be possible to find the recipe on Internet.

McLean, VA(Zone 6b)


Is it safe to use boiling water when they are interspersed with your perennials? I have been hand digging them, and now I have a patch that would basicly require me to dig up the tickseed in order to get them out. Do you think that boiling water would hurt the other plants?


I did the same thing that you did. After watching them for months, and not seeing any flowers or attractive foliage, I finally decided that they were history. I actually was replanting the bulbs that I disturbed earlier last spring, because I didn't know what they were, and I was afraid that I was killing a flower!

I am now going to do the same with the crocus foliage. I have large patches with no flower, just foliage - its history!

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

RE Killing wild onions, if they grow within other plants or very close too, pinch your wifes rubber gloves she uses for the cleaning, then one of her small make up brushes, put some weed killer into a small jar and paint it onto the onion leaves, works quicker if you bruze the leaf first, you dont have to paint every leave on each plant, a few will do, then the bulb takes in the weed killer as the greenery dies back into the bulb, doing it this way, you have less chance of any weed killer going near neighbouring plants and it wont get blown everywhere else, remeber to pour any weed killer left in jar back into the container it came from and dispose of the jar properly for safety, remember your wife wont want the gloves and make up brush back either.
good luck.

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