tips for medium hair styles..and growing long hair fast.!

Tomball, TX(Zone 9a)

anybody know nice hair styles for medium long hair....? oh and something that will make your hair grow faster and healthier...?

Thornton, IL

Get enough rest and eat a well balanced diet, and your hair will be your crowning glory. My hair grows super fast, at least half an inch a month, and it's never fast enough when I want to grow it out LOL! My advice is to buy a wig. :0)

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Go to you can scan in a pic of yourself to see what hairstyle would look good on you, or you can tell it what shape face you have and you can choose from hundreds of styles it's really neat. I don't know of any ways to make hair grow faster....extensions??? Make sure to take your vitamins.

Emory, TX(Zone 8a)

biotin, 5000 mcg. Take one daily. Great for hair and nails

East Elmhurst, NY

Sounds weird, but once a week or so I rub olive oil onto my scalp and really rub it in with my fingernails, wrap my head in saran wrap, and take a hot bath. Then I wash my hair and rinse like mad (because my hair is so thin). I grew my hair from a buzzcut to shoulder-length in a year for my wedding (and then cut it off the day after- haha!)

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