Moses-in-a-Basket, Boatlily, Oyster Plant 'Variegata' (Tradescantia bermudensis)

Lamar, AR(Zone 7b)

Moses-in-a-Basket, Boatlily, Oyster Plant 'Variegata'
Tradescantia bermudensis

Lovely as a cluster of young plants.

Thumbnail by Cambium
Champaign, IL(Zone 5b)

I have one of these and I've noticed that the bottom leaves keep turning brown and falling off. The plant still seems to be growing fine, but I'd like to keep it looking healthy and get stop the leaves from browning. I noticed in these pictures that you can see some brown spots on all the plants. Is this normal, or is there something I can do?

Lamar, AR(Zone 7b)

As far as I know, the bottom leaves will always age, turning brown then curling up. I keep the browned leaves pulled off. After they get tall, it's time to snip or snap them off & let them start back from the base along with getting more starts from the stem you just snapped off (with the top of plant intact). This is all I know to do. They're a lot like Dracena. Those will grow tall with a bare stem too. Of course their stems are much more stronger so they'll continue to grow upright. These Tradescantia plants will always fall over & where those bare stems touch the ground, they'll root again. I prefer the stem snapping. Hope this helps.

~*~ Suenell

Champaign, IL(Zone 5b)

Thanks, this does help. How tall is too tall? Mine is only 5 inches I think, maybe six...the top is started to lean...I thought it was just growing crooked. Think I should snip it off now?


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