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Artificial eyelashes

Claremore, OK(Zone 6a)

Has anyone tried the artificial eyelashes they have nowdays ? I tried the ones that you glue on the individual sets of about 3 lashes to a clump. They were great..............I was so surprised at how natural they were and no one could tell.

As we age, our eyelashes get thinner and shorter, and this is a great help to keep them nice and pretty, by adding just a couple of extras, rather than a whole strip across the lid.

Have you tried them, and what did you think ?

Charlevoix, MI(Zone 4b)

I've tried, but I just can't hold my eyelid still enough to glue the suckers on!! Any tips??


freehold, United States

I use them and they work great for me.
I have think eyelashes and these make the whole look complete, a great option.

Toronto, ON(Zone 5b)

Yes I have to agree with Cindy. Even with younger people with really really short lashes, if eyelashes are worn with night make up I think it looks great and completes the whole look. It doesn't work with my eyes though, I really have to be careful on how to attach the single ones...the full set just looks weird on me. As it gets closer towards my nose you can see the lining of the fake lashes. Tried covering it up with eyeliner but still didn't work so I usually just end up using mascaras which are quicker. My bf teases me about this because it looks fake. He thinks it's too long. I have eyelashes that are a bit on the long side, but they're not thick, that's why I tried fakies (My brothers both have long and thick eyelashes and snufflelulaggus the elephant from Sesame Street. Curse them). I wish I could use them and make them look more natural though.

Charlevoix, MI(Zone 4b)

Evr, it is a boy thing, I think. Luckily, my daughter has beautiful, very long eyelashes that complement her large, chocolate brown eyes and she has light brown, nicely shaped eyebrows. She is just naturally very pretty and I'm not biased at all (LOL). My son has hazel eyes, but he has the longest, fullest eyelashes you have ever seen. Lucky boy.

Michelle in Michigan

Bartlett, TN(Zone 7b)

This is an old thread, but I'll post what I do.
I use them all the time. I think I have shorter ones on in my profile pic.

Now, get tweezers & a tooth pick. Yes, a TOOTHPICK.

Curl your natural lashes first. If you don't have a curler, it's ok. Curling just gives them a "lift".
Put on a light, thin coat of mascara & let dry for a minute.
Get your lashes, glue, tweezers & toothpick laying in front of you for easy, quick access.

The easiest way is to use tweezers to hold them - in the middle of the lashes where the line will fit on your natural eyelash lid line.
(Our hands are just a bit too big to try to use both hands so tweezers do it for me.)
Holding your lash with the tweezers, use a THIN, even line of clear/white liquid glue on the lash line. If it has a bubble in the glue, it's ok too. Just use your finger & gently, but quickly smooth it out. (This glue dries really fast - like 30 seconds, so don't take forever.)
Now, the glue is on the lash. With your dominate hand, bring the lash to your eye, slightly close your eye as much as you can, getting as close to your natural lash line as you can. Checking the ends to be sure they are centered where your lash begins and ends. Gently push it on, put the tweezers down & grab your toothpick. Use the tooth pick to CAREFULLY put the lash edges in the perfect place. (I try to close my eye for this. If you have shaky hands you may want to skip the toothpick step and try to use your pointer finger.) Use the toothpick sideways to gently push the lash line down - pressing it on.


Then I curl (gently not to pull it off) with my curler, and do a second coat of mascara as close to the eye as you can, pushing upward to lift. I use Loreal volumus carbon black. That stuff is amazing!

If you mess up the first time, it's ok. To be perfect it takes a time or two to practice, but this is the easiest way. Trust me. There are good YouTube videos that can help show you. This is where I learned a long time ago.

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