farmer table water damage

East Boothbay, ME

I have an antique chestnut 2-board table that unfortunately was located underneath a leaking pipe. This has caused the boards (each is 18" wide) to cup. How can I restore these boards to flat w/o causing them to crack or split.. It's a farmers table, so its supposed to be 'rustic' so I'm not especially worried about the finish ..-(there really isn't any) -- If I put the table upside down on a flat surface and weigh it down, will that possibly work?...any other ideas?

Mission Viejo, CA(Zone 10a)

You don't say how thick the wood is, but no, you can't make the wood go back to its original shape. If the wood is very thick you could sand it down (using a belt sander). The edges would be thinner than the center, but it would at least be level. Do you have a photo?

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