roof overhang vs. gutters

San Antonio, TX

Our house roof does not have an over hang, therefore our window frames are rotting. A carpenter said he could add an overhang to the house where the water runs off. Will gutters do the same job, keeping water from dripping on our windows? What is the best option? I'll appreciate your advice.

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

Hi Janet in San Antonio! That's where I am to! To bad about your problem. We put up gutters and it's saved us a lot in damage. Not only will it keep the water from off your windows it won't create pit marks in your sidewalk overtime as the water keeps hitting it in one steady line and it won't wash out your plantings close to the house in a turrential downpour as we've been having lately! We bought the vinyl gutters from HD. It wasn't much money. Most of the money will be in the support brackets not so much for the spouts really. I've never heard of extending an overhang to the roof? But considering gutters are still beneficial to someone who's roof has an overhang I'd THINK that gutters would do more for you.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I agree, I think even if you made an overhang you'd still need gutters.

San Antonio, TX

Thank you Tir_Na_Nog and ecrane3. Gutters do make sense. Our house was built in 1935, so you can imagine. I thought overhangs were just part of the roof. I do apprieciate your advice.Next project is windows our windows have the old fashion weights in them! They are nice but not energy saving. Thanks again.

Western, PA(Zone 6a)

Yes, water must be routed away from the house (foundation). I am learning the hard way, with an old house sinking slightly on the corners.

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