Ogden, UT

I plant in a greenhouse, I have a plant guide although someone forgot to list the cucumbers. I planted them last year, remember they grew pretty quickly.
Should I start the seedling already (zone 5) or to early?

Madison, WI(Zone 5a)

Hi flowerprincess, here in Madison, WI (zone 5a) I start my cucumber seedlings indoors about May 1, then transplant outside around May 20. I'm not sure if your climate is exactly the same as ours - if it's warmer there you might be able to go a little earlier. They like it quite warm - about the same as tomatoes.

Cucumbers don't like to be transplanted though, so be sure to plant them in peat pots or newspaper pots. (You plant the entire container, which eventually decomposes, in order to avoid transplant shock).

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

flowerprincess, I start most cucurbits about 3 weeks before planting out. You may want to find out not just your last frost date but also have your ground ready for them as they prefer warm feet.

I've never had a problem transplanting them, as long as they have a good root system and the root ball isn't broken up they'll do fine.

By the way, what kind are you growing? (I'm the curious sort, ya know!)


Ogden, UT

Live in Utah, so right now its snowing! I imagine weather in Wisconsin similar to ours. Usually can't plant till May 10 just to be safe.
I heard you can't transplant nasturtiums either. Was just getting ready to start them! I'll have to try the peat pots? Never used them before. I just have nursery pots.

I actually wasn't sure what cucumbers were good, I have "spacemaster" cucs. I think I'll wait a few weeks then start them.

Thanks Rebecca and Shoe!

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Spacemaster is a good one, I sell a lot of those at the market (both the plants and the fruit). Many people like them because they are great for growing in containers as well as in small gardens since they don't send out huge running vines like many cukes do.

Enjoy them!


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