Have: Baobab seeds

Greetings! I have baobab seeds (adansonia digitata) that are looking for new homes. I'm interested in seeds for exotic plants, vines/climbers, trees, anything unusual. Or make me an offer. I'm a seed addict! :-)

Looking forward to trading!

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Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

Deborah, I sowed 2 of your baobab seeds yesterday :-)

Evert, you'll have to let me know if they sprout as fast as mine did. I see another african tulip tree sprout coming up :-)

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

Debbie, I couldn't believe my eyes... Baobab sprouted in a week! Cool. I scratched the seeds very well, maybe it's the reason.

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Wow, Evert! Scratching the seeds must have made the difference. I didn't scratch mine and it took almost a
month. I'll tell my friend who supplied them to me. She'll
probably faint from shock. :-) Thanks for letting me know.

Portland, OR(Zone 8b)

I didn't scratch my seeds when I planted them a few months ago, but they popped up maybe five days later? I did soak them overnight though...

Temuco, Chile(Zone 9b)

Deblyn Hi,

I'd love to get some baobad seed.

I have few tree seeds , here are a few of what I have.

Chilean Native trees

Acacia caven, Acacia cavenia
Drimys winteri, Winter's Bark
Embothrium coccineum , Chilean Fire Bush tree, Flame flower tree
Luma apiculata, Arrayan (Tea Tree, Myrtle)
Nothofagus dombeyi, Southern Beech
Peumus boldus, Boldea fragrans, Boldo
Prosopis chilensis, Algarrobo
Prumnopitys andina, Prumnopitys elegans, Lleuque
Quillaja saponaria , Soapbark Tree
Sophora cassioides (microphylla), Pelú

Other trees:
Schinus molle, Pimiento, Molle, False Brasilian Pepper tree
Jacaranda mimosifolia
Catalpa bignonoides
Chinese Golden Rain tree
Tecomaria capensis, Tecomaria ( could be train as ashrub, tree or climbing tree vine)

LMK if any interest you.

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