Crabgrass prevention ... When?

Trenton, MI(Zone 5b)

I've been told several different theories about when to put down crabgrass preventer ....

1. The books say, when the soil, 2 inches deep, reaches 50 F. (yeah, like I'm going to go take the soil temp everyday ... if any of you do this, then please let me know when the soil reaches this temp)

2. When the forsythia bloom.

3. Before the weather forcast gives you 3 - 70 degree days in a row.

4.. By the end of March.

5. On Good Friday.

6. Tax Day - April 15th.

The last 3 were specifically for southeastern Mich. LOL

I'm thinking I'm going to put it down soon since we've already had 2 - 80 degree days.

pepsi - Since you are closest to me, when are you putting yours down?


Algonac, MI

Hey, toofew... As for me, I read the instructions on the bag and try to incorporate it into MI weather. Crab grass isn't much of a problem for me any more. In the past, I hand-pulled it out as soon as I seen it start growing and so far, that has solved my CG dilimma. Hard way to go but it reaps benefits.

Jerome, MI(Zone 5b)

Hehehe...well we go by...the guy next door has "True Green" we used to have them save bucks hubby does it yesterday they were I is time..Going to buy it next week...sure does help us here...

Enjoy you day everyone..nice here..61...still a little chilly...but..not complaining...last night it got to that is the end..of it..hahaha....I wish...


AuGres, MI(Zone 5b)

We put down our Scotts super turf builder with Halts crabgrass preventer last weekend. I'd rather put it down too soon than too late. If the crabgrass seeds germinate then the product is ineffective. It won't kill only prevents it and you have to put it down early.

La Salle, MI(Zone 5b)

toofew, dh doesn't use it, but my sil does, she has already started putting it down, she did her moms place and didn't get to do hers because we have had rain... but she will probably do it tomorrow or Saturday. As lon as it doesn't rain.

Trenton, MI(Zone 5b)

Thanks for all your answers so quickly. You guys are good!

Diana, had to chuckle at your answer. Actually, when I drove out of the subdivision yesterday, I did see several yards with their flags and thought hummm......

I had a few minutes last night and so ran out and got it done.
I believe the preventer works for about a month, so I think we are all safe.
I think I will stick to the "By the end of March" theory.

I did read that last year, the crabgrass didn't germinate till mid May, but that was unusual.

Loon, I usually use Scotts, but this time I happened to be at Meijers and they ONLY had the Meijers brand.


Redford, MI(Zone 6b)

I put down our Scotts super turf builder with Halts crabgrass preventer this afternoon. When the forsythia bloom is my chosen trigger.

I also started my tomato seeds today which is 8 weeks before I will transplant them into the garden on June 1st . This is my 19 year on this plot in Redford Twp. and have come up with June 1st as the date because of soil and night temperatures are warmed and the growth rate produce the best plants without stunting the plants with cold wet soil by the cold May rains. The plant grow well into October and are always over 7 feet tall and average 36lbs of fruit.

Good growing

Melvindale, MI(Zone 5a)

I planted my tomatoes this week too ascharr. I got a catalog in the mail called Totally Tomatoes and I am trying some different ones this year. They also sell all kinds of pepper seeds.

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