wild strawberry ?

Hiouchi, CA(Zone 8b)

i have seen wild strawberrys with small berrys in the same general location as this one. on the bluffs overlooking the ocean but i have never seen a red leaf as dark and red as this one


Thumbnail by Strever
somewhere, PA

Sometimes the cold will turn the leaves that color around here. Does it cold there?

Hiouchi, CA(Zone 8b)

hi Tammy
that would explain it
we did have a record cold late Jan this year
i bet i will see more of these this year


St. John's, NL(Zone 5b)

That strawberry is Fragaria chiloense, Chilean Strawberry as opposed to F. virginiana, which is the common strawberry in eastern North America. I have F. chiloense and it turns almost completely red in winter!

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