Swarms already

Bolivar, TN(Zone 7a)

Wed. evening a friend of ours in Selmer, TN called my hus. and said there was a swarm of bees in a bush in front of the KFC. He went down to Selmer early this AM and when he got there found out the "swarm" was really a lot of bees around a hooly bush that was in bloom. So he decided to do some work with his hives which are scattered around Hardeman Co., TN. When he got to the ones in Whiteville, TN he did find a swarm. In fact, he things they had just swarmed. He came back to the house got his swarm equip. went back to Whiteville and captured the swarm. He is going back early tomorrow morning and ck. them out and if they are still in the box, he will bring them back to our place and put them in a hive on our front field which lost its queen over the winter. Right now it has a worker laying eggs and he will kill her.

If you see swarms and do not know what to do with them, call a local beekeeper so they can maybe catch them. LIZ

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