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Baggie method

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Anyone else in here wintersowing in zip type baggies? I have I think 24 types of seed in these, and I'm wondering if someone could give me pointers. I get so nervous trying new techniques :-)
I have them underneath my patio table so they get light for a few hours in the morning and shade the rest of the time. I have them held open with a clothespin- around a one to 2 inch opening. Getting lots of condensation, and the soil is still moist. I have a problem with the tops of the bags flopping over though-
Do I open the baggies further on warm days? Do they need more sun (or less?). I guess I'm feeling a bit nervous while waiting for the magic to happen- don't have any sprouts although they've only been out for a couple weeks, and it was in the 60's and 70's a time or two.
Thanks in advance-

Chapel Hill, NC(Zone 7b)

Samantha, I have only two or three baggies and I have styrofoam cups in them, but I think it would be the same if you just had your soil in the baggie. I happened to get lucky and found some coffee stirrers that I stuck into the soil. I piched the ziptop shut to about two inches and left htat open and I also snipped holes into the sides of the baggie, higher up, just two or three. They did fine and germinated.

Now that the seeds have germinated I have taken the cups out of the baggie. You could just either cut off the zip part plus some more inches, depending on size, or if you can, roll them down.

I think you should definitely open them on these warm days. I have not put my cups back in, even though we had a near freeze last night, I hope they survived, but I think they should have.

Best of luck, C.

Wheatfield, NY(Zone 6a)

Samantha, I have a bunch of stuff in zip locs. I just zipped both sides about a third of the way shut, then pinched the 'blue' side (it kind of locks against itself), then creased the 'yellow' won't lock closed, but it needs to be open some for ventilation anyway. I have quite a few that have germinated in the last week or so. Maybe they're not getting enough sun? I'm guessing that you have warmer temps in Philly than we have in Buffalo. so you should be getting some germination by now, but it depends on what seeds you've planted, too. some take longer than others.

here's one of my bags, but it's not a regular ziploc, so I taped the 2 sides, but you get the idea.

Thumbnail by grampapa
Rockton, PA

Great idea.
I bought some of those huge bags last year but I did not use them. That picture really helps me visualize the concept. Thanks grampapa

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Thanks for the tips- I'll open them on warmer days (it is downright chilly in Philly today). My openings seem like they're about the same size as most- AND I've got germination, in only about three or 3 1/2 weeks- I put them out during our last snow, whenever that was. I have about 25 types of seed, and I've got tiny seedlings/sprouts in all but a few of them. Including the Joe Pye Weed, which I REALLY wanted this year. I'm sold :-) Although I started later than most, it actually worked- I should have had faith a bit earlier and I'd have a whole lotta seedlings! I gather from what I've read that for many, the first year of wintersowing is the most cautious-
Take care all-

Akron, PA(Zone 6b)

I am new to wintersowing this year and started late. Because I did not save up enough gal size plastic jugs, I did some with baggies like you did. I too am now getting germination. I have opened them up on the nice 60-70 deg days. With our recent cold snap, I kept them in the baggies for protection. We are in about the same area too.

Good luck to you too. This wintersowing is so much easier! I am sold now too. If all my seeds grow, I will be having a parking lot sale! Glad to hear about your Joe Pye Weed. I did not try growing it this this year, but in trying to grow last year under lights did not work too well. If you have too much, let me know and I will gladly trade for some of my other varieties, if it all works out! We could even meet half way, as I am in Lancaster area.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

We did start late :-) The seeds that remain are definitely getting some cold today- its below freezing according to my thermometer! I am SO ready for spring.
You aren't too far from me- I should have some extra Joe Pye Weed if it continues to grow- I will let you know.

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