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Union City, CA

Hello, I'm new here!My friend and I are starting a outside garden club! What can we do? What vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers can we start planting in any season? Any particular to plant a garden? How can we control the pest problems? What soil, fertilizer shall we use? How can we protect the garden by the cold climates, and rainy days. Any usefull tools? How can we get rid of weeds? What kind of row method, box method can we use?

We need to plant flowers by Valentimes day, prom days etc.! So we can sell them to the school. I heard roses are harder to care for.

Fruits/Vegetables/herbs garden- What can we plant? We're going to sell these too!

((What can we do to celebrate Earth day?))

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Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Love your enthusiasm!!
How many people do you think will be helping with the work?

Union City, CA

So far more than 15! ^_^ We're still looking for more people!
This club may fullfill their community service hours too!

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

15- That's super! Especially getting community service hours for it.
I think one of the first things is to nail down your school admin on exactly what area of school grounds they will let you play with. Needs to be sunny. It could be a patch along the edge of a field, if it's not shaded by trees. It sounds like you have ambitions of this being a producing garden, not just something out front to make it prettier.
Earth Day's coming up real fast- I don't know if you'll be ready to start the whole project by then, but maybe can do a groundbreaking of some kind.
Your perkiest, politest, most confident volunteers could go to some garden center or Home store and see if you can get plants, fertilizer or mulch donated maybe even trowels or shovels.
One of your members might have access to a tiller to tear up the grass.

Fruits, vegetables, herbs- a lot of those will get ripe during summer- will you guys go and take care of the garden over summer, and where will you sell the stuff that gets ripe then?

Rome, GA(Zone 7b)

What's the soil like where you're going to grow? What native plants are there currently? What's your local climate like during your growing season? What are your goals for this garden? And how soon are you looking to achieve benefit from it?

I don't mean to discourage you because it sounds like you have a great thing going. But the more detail you can think all these things through the better your end result will be. If you're looking for results this year, maybe try a fairly corny exercise. What would you like it to look like/be achieving in 2 months? Work backwards from there.


Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

wow! you all are certainly ambitious!

Start small, with just a few different things. It's easier to learn about a couple of plants, as opposed to 15 different veggies and herbs.

A herb garden might be nice to start with....they are very forgiving of inexperience, and most will thrive in a great number of conditions. Bundles of fresh cut herbs can be sold easily to restaurants or local groceries...just check with your health dept on the local rules...(I assure you, there are rules)

Do any of you have any gardening experience? We'll help here as much as possible, but it would be nice if you could find an adult or college student that could actually guide you through each process.

You asked about when to start plants for several really depends on what you are growing. Each plant has a different time table for blooming. And there are many different varieties of vegetables with different maturity dates....Early Girl Tomatoes will have ripe fruit about 60 days from when you put the transplants in the garden....Flame Tomatoes are a 90 day tomato...or more. That's a whole month's difference just for tomatoes....and those just popped into my head.

Tomato plants need to be started inside under lights about 6 weeks before you transplant them into the count the days to ripe ones from the day you set your 6 week old tomato plant in the ground.

Lots of planning needs to be done for vegetables, and for having flowers blooming by a certain date. It's quite possible....florists do it all the time, but be aware that you will have to take that into account.

If you all are really, really new at planting things, the herbs may be the best bet for this season...lots of places like fresh basil, thyme, dill, parsley, oregano. You could donate fresh herbs to a nursing home, or homeless shelter, for community service

Union City, CA

Thank you for the good advise, about planning ahead of time! ^_^ And planting our garden in a sunny area!

Burlingame, CA(Zone 9a)

Krystal, there are a number of really great websites that have tons of information about what to grow, how to grow it and when to grow it.

My school garden is selling seedlings at their annual flea market this year. We've been growing toms, herbs, sunflowers etc for the last couple of months and all of them indoors under lights. Each classroom chooses what they want to grow in their own plot. We have lots of peas, bulbs, lettuces, strawberries and beans growing at present and have just started growing a butterfly garden with plants that suit all of their needs. Unfortunately most of the things we love to grow are ready for harvest or bloom while school is out over the summer but we don't let that stop us. :-)

This website runs training programs for school garden co-ordinators.

Has a special section about school gardening.

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