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Bought a new hanging light fixture for over the kitchen table at Fred Meyer's (Kroger's) yesterday, actually, bought four smaller ones for the sunroom too. One of the most frustrating installations I've had to do in years. The machine screws were supposed to be the standard 8/32 that seems to be universal in the lamp industry, but not to the Chinese. They were too short for this installation and were replaced with longer ones (which were 8/32") but the American ones wouldn't fit the Chinese fixture. Had to drill and tap all the holes, but after a lot of "impolite" words the son of a gun is up.(DW made me stop before my wrath destroyed the ceiling, fixture and anything within reach. I'm blessed with the best of all possible wives) Now the fixtures in the Sunroom had better be easier to, install since I'd hate to be irritated twelve feet up on top of a ladder. I may just hire the retired electrician from the Senior Center employment office to do the rest of them. That would be safer. lol

Chinese products are cheaper, and often the only thing available. It would be nice if their exports were compatible with our standards. Guess that is the result of U S firms outsourcing their lines to increase the profit. Enough of my complaining. It IS April 1st, and this is just my Karma's idea of a joke. (I ain't amused)

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lol...sorry have to laugh. I understand your frustration. Been there done that. That' a nice fixture though.

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