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North Tazewell, VA

I'm a first time gardener. I have just tilled up an are which was lawn and want to know how deep I need to till. I am going to plant tomatoes, green beans, peas and I was told that potatoes grow well here. Can I till to deep? The area was used as a garden many years ago but, it has been used as a lawn for about 10 years. Will tilling the grass under be a problem, other than weeding? I am going to plant the rows far enough apart to run the tiller between them.

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Not much danger of running a tiller too deep. Depending on the type of grass, but that is a blue grass area. Bluegrasses break down and enrich the soil rapidly. Stolen propogated grasses like Bermuda or Zoysia can be a pain.

North Tazewell, VA

Thanks Farmerdill. I wasn't sure if tilling to deep would cause a drainage problem.

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