What to feed?

(Zone 6a)

I've got a few Datura seedlings and I was wondering what should I feed them?
I know when they're seeds they respond really well to H2O2, do they still like to be watered with it after they've sprouted?
I've also got some Miracle Grow soil, would they grow well planted into that?

Thanks for any help,
Steven :)

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

I use the 1 tablespoon per gallon stuff. For babies I only give them half strength until they are in their final pot or place then full strength every 2 weeks. I always water them a few hours before I give them the food so the soil will be damp and percolation will be good & even and not run off. I do that with all my plants that are in the ground. Every once in a while, like every 6 - 9 weeks I foliar feed them if the leaves are looking a bit yellow. I don't know about the MG soil. Never used it.


(Zone 6a)

Thanks X :) Maybe I sholud try foliar feeding as the leaves on mine are looking a bit yellow, otherwise it looks like it might be time to break open the fertilizer.
I'll have to take a look and see what I've got lying around.

Thanks again,

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

a little Epsom salt will turn them green..

(Zone 6a)

Thanks Elaine! I'll try that :)

(Zone 6a)

I ended up feeding them with some fish-emulsion, but when i planted them outside, i planted some in a large pot of miracle grow soil and kept the pot in my green house, and i've found they LOVE the searing heat in there, they've grown huge!


(Zone 6a)

here's a picture of them, they're in the front of the pot, the tallest plant is a type of annual hibiscus..

Thumbnail by SW_gardener

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