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Did I do this to my Queen of the Night?

McKenzie, TN

I accidently posted this in gardening also...I went ahead and left it there for the exposure but thought I ought to add it here as well. Here is the same post:

I really don't know a lot about plants. Despite this fact, my husband's grandmother entrusted her Queen of the Night to me (of all people!) before she passed away. I haven't watered it much. Maybe once a week and not a lot of water when I do. I've kept it inside since she gave it to me last fall. Haven't had a problem until the last week. Since the temperature has been getting near 80 I decided to put it outside for a couple of days last week. I had planned on leaving it out there but I saw the temp. was going to drop off a little so I brought it back in. Today I went into the room it has been living in and was horrified to see the leaves turning brown and crusty. I feel awful and want to know if this is a result of something I have done/need to quit doing or if this is something else I need to treat. What is this stuff? I've already killed two others that she gave me, the first by leaving it out to get scorched by the sun and I think I overwatered the second. I thought I might know what not to do by now...Help! This is the last chance I've got and will feel terrible if I've doomed yet another! Thanks in advance for any advice. This is my first post but I'm excited about stumbling onto this site!

Thumbnail by fayebaybee
Champaign, IL(Zone 5b)

I'm not familiar with this plant, but I did look it up on the plant files on Dave's Garden. If need be, you can start another plant from a leaf cutting. Just pick a healthy leaf and cut it off, place it in water until it roots and then pot it up. You may want to go ahead and do this, just in case. As far as the huge holes in the leaf, it could be because it wasn't watered enough. The plant file said it needed to be watered pretty well, and if the soil dried out and then was put outside in the sun, it may have caused excessive damage. It could also be shock from being taken outside and then back in. Some plants are shocked easily. But, if you go ahead and take a cutting and get it to root, you won't have to worry about the other one dying.

Adrian, MO(Zone 6a)

my guess is that it wasn't used to the intense sunlight and/or wind. if you want to put it outside you'd have to harden it off. a little bit at a time introduce it to the outside.
but if it's a houseplant i'd just leave it inside or a protected (from sun and wind) prch or something.

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