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North Tazewell, VA

Thanks to all of you for the information on growing veggies. I will be a first time gardener this year and what I have learned is a big help.
I do have a question on growing herbs to put in soups for diabetics. I just found out that I am diabetic and will be limited to the seasoning I can use. I really love tomatoes and okra but am not sure of what herbs are used in preparing it. Is there an herb which would replace the salt. Thanks again.

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

Well, nothing replaces salt, but there are lots or herbs I use with tomatoes, depending on your taste. Basil, oregano and thyme are my usual choices I love italian foods), but dill can be great, and don't forget onions and garlic. Lemon juice can add some "zip" that may help and tomatoes do well with vinegars, as well. I'd say just experiment. You may find that hot peppers, chili powders and other "spicy" ingredients can give you all the flavor you could ever want:). Not sure what's off-limits for diabetics, but if you can tell us what the "no-no's" are, maybe we can help more....

Missouri City, TX

While not specifically for diabetic issues, we use a seasoning mix at the restaurant that only has 5% sodium. There are over 70 ingredients with 5 whole citrus. It is great on anything and everything. And while we also sell small bottles, it is available on the web from our supplier. I just cannot remember the url.

We also row our own parsley, cilantri, dill, rosemary, and tri-color sage. And will be adding more this year

Found the website - texmextogo.com

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North Tazewell, VA

Thanks guys. This will get me started. I love onions and garlic also. As for whats off limits, all carbohydrates (corm, potatoes, beans) and any thing which turns to sugar which includes fruits. I was told to eat a candy bar if I had a choice between a candy bar and a steak. I love steaks.
Cat, can I grow these, basil, oregano and thyme, indoors during the winter?
Thanks Bubba for the web site. I do like spicy things. I like hot peppers as long as they have flavor and aren't just hot.

Rome, GA(Zone 7b)

Although not exactly good for soups... you should look into Stevia if you're missing sweets.

Seeds are pretty readily available now and I've found them easy to sprout and grow. It's tropical so you have to bring it inside during the winter like a houseplant.


Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

"Cat, can I grow these, basil, oregano and thyme, indoors during the winter?"

I don't see why not, they even have a "Chia" kit with little pots and herbs seeds . Martha Stewart (her KMart line) has a little greenhouse contraption, but you'd need to transplant to something else. I think the biggest need is for a sunny window, and then you can either use individual pots, or a "window box" type arrangement. I did it years ago, but lately have had them outside (Fl). I didn't try to over winter in my new SC home, but the sage held on, and the oregano has started to grow in it's "empty" pot:). I'm curious about the prohibition on steak, I wasn't aware of that. i'll have to learn more, I guess.

North Tazewell, VA

That was really informative JKEHL. I've never heard of stevia. Can I grow my own? If so, where can I get the plants, seeds? Thanks for the LINK.
Thanks CAT. Maybe I can have something arranged before next winter. As far as what is off limits, I'm not sure. I'm new to being a diabetic also and learning about that as well as gardening. Maybe being active in the garden will burn enough calories that I can eat that steak.


Lenoir, NC

I'm not a doctor and I have all the negative side effects from diabetes because I followed the doctor's instructions.

Then I checked out all the books in the library on diabetes and subscribed to two magazines on diabetes.

One book written by a doctor who developed diabetes while in medical school and then changed his specialty to diabetes. A lot of what he said contradicted what the doctor had told me and when I switched to what he said, I was able to get my diabetes under control.

I eliminated steak and red meat because it is high in fat including saturated fat and diabetics tend to develop heart problems (I've had two 5 by-pass surgeries, eight stents, carotic artery surgery and on atrim chamber of the heart.

Diabetics are allowed to eat sugars now. There was a theory that foods in whitch carbohydrates had to be changed to surgery would enter the system slower than sugar--then someone tested it and found the carbohydrates change to sugar so quickly there is practically no difference. So total carbohydrates is what you are concerned about.

Weight loss and exercise make a tremendous difference. The amount of insulin you need is depentent on amount of weight so reducing weight reduces need for insulin and for a type two diabetic you may be able to reduce your need low enough so your body can provide it--which is why you here diabetics in weight loss programs on TV talk about diabetes going away in some cases.

I eat a lot of fruit as well--they contain a lot of liquid and there aren't so many calories in it and there are a lot of vitamins and minerals. Banannas are about the only exception to this.

Salt can encourage water retention which can be a problem for diabetics and raise blood pressure in some people which can be another problem. That's the only condiment or herb that I don't use. To be honest, with a lot of spices and herbs you don't tend to miss it.

If I use canned vegetables, I empty out liquid and rince them off since I've read that eliminates a lot of the salt.

A lot of new discoveries have been made in diabetes and most doctors haven't kept up with it and are still teaching what they were taught in medical schools.

Be careful of the quacks out there on the Internet and you can find a lot of really good information.

In my case, my doctor said ten years ago he didn't think there was any chance I would be alive today much less doing as well as I am. I said that must mean he was a good doctor and he said "No, the improvement took place when you took control of your diabetes.

I remember when I studied up on it and made changes my A1C fell to 5.8--it measures your three month average and 5 to 6 is normal and they tell diabetics to try and stay below 7 so that is good.

In my case I was taking ten units of insulin twice a day plus a pill. It has been over a year now since I have taken any insulin and A1C continues to run between 5 and 6. With low fat diet, my total chloesterol is running in 140s with proportion right.

After my last heart surgery, they said I could go back to exercising and I had been so restricted for so long, I could only exercise five minutes a day on mystationary bike. I gradually worked up to 30 minutes then began twice a day.

Then I began working outside clearing area of honeysuckle, thorny small trees, wild roses, blackberry bushes and blue ribbon poison ivy that I use for a small garden now. I also bought a dog who needed a lot of walks.

So read up on modern situation regarding diabetes and get busy doing what it takes and you can take control and doing what is needed will become something you will do with little though--it'll be habit.

For me it helped to look on it as a game, me against diabetes and a challenge to find out what would work to defeat it. I also learned to read labels on anything I bought and watch for all the tricks they use that can have you thinking something is far better than it is--like having portion sizes so tiny that the information given is for a fraction of the container even though the container is small and looks like it would be a single portion. Nutrition Newsletter is really good to learn of some of these tricks and tell you what "health foods" are really what they pretend to be and whitch are not.

Better close. Could go on and on about this.

Have a blessed and cheerful day.

Carl Walker

Lenoir, NC

Soups and salads and fruit (not juice so much since it concentrates the sugar) are good for diabetics.

How is your potassium level. I didn't think but it can affect what you can eat in regard to vegetables. Don't know about herbs and spices. If this is concern, you might have to be careful about some.

There are a lot of really good fat free products out now--fat free ice cream is better than the regular. Since sugar in ice cream is mainly from milk, most ice cream is "no sugar added" rather than sugar free. There are some really bad salad dressing and some really good ones so you may want to check them out.

There are also some really good vegetarian meat products now that are as good or better than the real thing so you might want to try some of them. They also reduce the calories as well as saturated fat.

One thing that surprised me when I switched to white turkey and chicken as only meats and eating lots of vegetables and fruits, lots of soups and salads, was saving of money and, combined with exercise, a seeming automatic reduction of weight.

Have a blessed and cheerful day.

Carl Walker

North Tazewell, VA

Thanks Carl for the great information. If you don't mind I will Dmail you and get the names of the books. Let me know. Draining the store bought vegetables is a good idea. I hope to grow and can enough of my own vegetables this year that I won't have to worry about that next year. The herbs I am going to plant in containers so I can move them indoors next winter. I am also going to see if I can find more about stevia. Well the snow is almost gone and the wonderful sun is out from behind the clouds, so outdoors I go. Thanks again to everyone on all subjects. Got a lot to learn. Will talk again tonight. Everyone have a wonderful day.


Niagara Falls, NY(Zone 6a)

Look into herbal vinegars. I bet that would give a nice salt-replacement taste if done right. Especially in tomato dishes. Yum! And I did see they were recommended for soups, too.

The best part is you can buy the right stuff at the grocery store if you didn't grow it this year.

You can start here:

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North Tazewell, VA

An interesting link ScotDeerie. I'll have to try that a little along till I find a combination I like. If someone likes what I like they will have a gift. Thanks again.


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