Need poppy help...Quick please!

Mableton, GA(Zone 7a)

Hey. I'm in Georgia 7b. I was wondering if it would be a benefit to germination if I planted my poppy seeds today so that they would have the next 3 nights of really cold weather before it warmed up. And should I just sprinkle them and press into the dirt so they are uncovered and get the light? I've heard mixed info. on sowing and was hoping I could use this dreaded cold front for something good. I've never grown poppies and have heard so much bad info., I'm afraid I won't be successful. I need and elementary A,B,C plan for Dummies! I love them so much!

Also, I have some of the opium poppies as well (didn't know until I had purchased from ebay - they have the BEST pods!). Anyway, I just want to make absolute sure that I won't be in any trouble from growing these. Believe it or not, I have an ex- narcotics cop across the street from me! HA HA. Nice neighbor, but don't want him to have to drive by these each day and them start "keeping an eye on me". LOL.

Please help!
Thanks in advance,

Alexander, AR(Zone 7b)

I thought the same thing. I had two packets of red poppies just waiting to be sown. I decided to go ahead and scatter and lightly rake in one of my raised beds. I guess we'll see how things turn out. I kept reading how cold temps really helped their germination. I've never grown poppies before. I hope it works.

I think I lost a couple of tomato plants from last night's cold temps. Had them covered, but my stakes came loose (wind, I think) and half of them were uncovered when I checked this morning. :( Looked pretty wilted. Maybe they'll perk up over the next few days.

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