Seed Germination Chart

Dowagiac, MI

A while back, someone posted a link to a seed germination chart that listed the Species, Type, Days to Germination, Temp, etc. I can't seem to find it anymore. Does anyone still have that link?

Pretoria, South Africa

Is this the one you are looking for?

Dowagiac, MI

No, I checked that one already. I am attaching a page so you can see the format. Maybe it will jog someone's memory. For some reason, when I printed this file, my printer "skipped" page 22. That's the only one I need.

Thumbnail by blpender
Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

Here's a few that might be what you're looking for:

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Dowagiac, MI

Thank you, Donna. The Backyard Gardener is very close, and if I can't find the original one, so I can print up that single page, I'll print this one in it's entirety.

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Your sample looks the same to me, as the one at Backyard Gardener, Thompson and Morgan (says owned by Virtual Seeds) and other sites. The only difference I see is the black text at the top and bottom. The text at the top normally only shows on page one but you can adjust that setting if you save it. I don't think I've seen it before with the "Lir-Min" or whatever is on each page. I think about 12 years ago, when I printed it for the first time, it WAS on the Tom Clothier site. I've had it saved to my computer forever. I made font smaller and print it on landscape the the text does not wrap around and it uses less paper. I've ruined a few copies carrying it to the garden and greenhouse. LOL

Dowagiac, MI

The Lir-Mar on the bottom of the page indicates the the contents of that page. In this case it's all the cultivars listed, beginning with Liriodendron and ending with Mina. It's page format is much the same as a dictionary.
If all else fails, I'll print up the entire Backyard Gardener one. I printed "page 22" of it, and it did not coincide with the one I've already printed.
Can't make the font smaller, or I'd need a magnifier to read it. Age does terrible things to one's eyesight.

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