wondering about the fig trees

Douglasville, GA

i have only recently joined "davesgarden" and for obvious reasons, that is that i dont have the least idea about plants, not that i have any great aspirations to get yard of the month just that maybe i might learn a few things from more talented folks...my question today has to do with recent untimely x-cold weather, i covered peach, apple, and plum trees but because of the height (i thought) of the fig bushes, i didn't do anything...now of course after only a few days of this weather, they are dropping and looking very poor...are they going to return with the fullness they had attained...thanks to any comment...ss

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

How cold did it get? And what zone are you in? If you're in a zone where they're borderline hardy to begin with and/or your temps got colder than what you would normally see during the winter then you may lose the whole plant or at the very least you'll probably have significant damage that you'll have to prune out eventually. But if they're solidly hardy in your zone and the temps didn't get much lower than your normal winter lows, then chances are most of the plant will come back. Whatever you do, don't do anything to it now (besides cover it if you have another cold spell), the frostbit parts will help protect the rest of the plant in case of more cold weather, plus it'll be hard to tell for sure which parts are dead or not for a couple weeks--when we had our big freeze earlier this year some things that looked pretty bad at first bounced back with no problems, and some things that looked OK at first looked worse and worse and ended up not making it. If you're expecting any more cold though I would cover it--the fig is less hardy than your other fruit trees so if you have to pick one to cover I'd cover the fig.

So wait a couple weeks or until there's no more chance of freezing weather (whichever one of those comes later), and then you can prune out the parts that look dead (if you're not sure if a part is dead or not, first try bending the branch, if it feels flexible then it's still alive, but if it feels brittle it's probably dead, or the other thing you can do is scrape the bark a bit with your fingernail and if it's green underneath then the branch is still alive). Cut back to the part that's alive, and you should get new growth but depending on how much of the plant dies back it make take year or two to get back to the way they look now.

Douglasville, GA

thank you and happy easter to ecrane3...i appreciate your comments on the unusual cold snap we have had the last few days in georgia, and i'm not familiar with the zone concept yet as i have come to this site in an attempt to better understand the culture of growing, tending and general improvement around the home from more talented and knowledgable folks, such as yourself...i will wait for a better idea (judging from your comments) as to how things will go with the fig trees, but this hopefully is the last of such x-cold weather for our area ...thank you again...ss

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Here's where you can go if you want to find out what zone you're in

Battle Creek, MI

Well, I don't know much about gardening (never planted anything really). I live in Zone 6 and I'm looking for trees to plant around our lot for privacy. I'm thinking evergreens since I don't want to impose leaves racking on my neighbours.
The yard is pretty soggy (in winter at least).
Any suggestions on fast growing evergreens would be appreciated.
If anyone could recommend a nursery with affordable prices (way less than $250 per blue spruce tree a local landscaper quoted me), that would be even better. Our backyard is about .4 acre.
Also the previous owners of our house had some landscaping in some areas that's now being overtaken by something (doesn't look like grass). We wanted to keep the current layout and plant some ground covering plant there (lilies?).. Any suggestions on what kind of plant we might consider? I'd like something that flowers.

A very overwhelmed beginner gardener.

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