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I came accross this site recently and its a dandy. here is a description.

This website provides a large number of free e-books available for immediate download. The books are mainly about holistic agriculture, holistic health and self-sufficient homestead living. There are secondary collections about social criticism and transformational psychology. No fees are collected for this service.

Upon special request the Soil and Health Library provides custom-made digital copies of a far wider range of books in the same subject areas for its patrons, delivered on CD-ROM by post. There is a small fee for this service.

All the library's subject areas can be comprehended as an inter-related whole and when this is done its books constitute a self-guided course of study or a self-teaching curriculum that connects agricultural methods to the health of animals and humans, shows how to prevent and heal disease and increase longevity, suggests how to live a more fulfilling life and reveals social forces working against that possibility.

Some of the things may not be of interest but there is a wealth of info on organic farming and healthy soil etc. Check it out, its free!

This is the book that originally lead me to this site, check it out great stuff!
Hills, Lawrence D. Russian Comfrey: A Hundred Tons an Acre of Stock or Compost for Farm, Garden or Smallholding. London: Faber and Faber Limited, 1953.

The definitive and thoroughly referenced study of the growing, harvest and feeding results using all varieties of comfrey on numerous kinds of livestock and for making compost. Handsomely illustrated. Downloads as a single PDF file of 1.78 mb.Total time to prepare this book: 7 hours, 10 minutes. OUT OF PRINT.

Ida, MI

Here is a list of the first few books offered at the Agriculture Library.

Albrecht, William A. "Loss Of Soil Organic Matter And Its Restoration". Soils and Men: USDA Yearbook of Agriculture. Washington, D.C., United States Department of Agriculture, 1938.

Each year, the practice going on for several decades, the United States Department of Agriculture published a yearbook. This particular Yearbook of Agriculture, Soils and Men, is widely considered the best of the lot. And this article by William Albrecht may well be la crème de la crème. It is our hope to eventually present the entire yearbook online. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Albrecht, William A. "The Drought Myth: The Absence of Water Is Not The Problem." Pinched from the Acres.usa website. It is not possible at this time to determine the complete citation for this article; it could be one of three different original publications. However, Acres has put it online and thus, effectively, tossed it into the public domain.

Explains that much of the apparency of moisture stress is subsoil infertility. Some have experienced that foliar feeding of apparently moisture-stressed crops will "cure" them. Downloads as a small PDF.

Albrecht, William A. Soil Fertility And Animal Health. Webster City, Iowa: Fred Hahne Printing Co, 1958. Reprinted by Acres, USA as The Albrecht Papers, Vol. II, currently in print. To contact Acres, click here.

If only this book could be offered online in its entirety it would be clear to the online reader that here is one of the most important books in the Soil And Health Library. As it is, Australian copyright law allows presentation of only a small portion, so the best and perhaps most famous of Albrecht's statements was chosen, "Chapter 8, Cows Are Capable Chemists" downloads as a PDF of 311 kb. COPYRIGHTED, IN PRINT, SAMPLE ONLY.

Albrecht, William A. A collection of journal and magazine articles, experiment station and other government publications.

Find here what probably is Albrecht's single most important statement connecting soil fertility with animal and human health, a chapter from Nutrition and Physical Degeneration Albrecht wrote, articles he wrote for Lets Live magazine, etc.

Baker, C. Alma. The Labouring Earth: A survey of agricultural conditions at home and abroad. London: Heath Cranton Ltd., 1940.

As the title states, this is a broad, world-wide survey. The title does not state that it is primarily done from a biodynamic point of view, and with considerable acknowledgment for the contribution of Sir Albert Howard. Downloads as a PDF of 969 kb. OUT OF PRIONT.

Balfour, Lady Eve. "Toward a Sustainable Agriculture--The Living Soil". A talk about the Haughley Experiment, given by Lady Balfour at an IFOAM conference in Switzerland, 1977.

Balfour, Lady Eve. The Living Soil: London: Faber and Faber, 1948

An organic classic. Among other things this book narrates how Lady Balfour organized a farm, Haughley, where comparative experiments were done to prove the superiority of organic methods. It also states the organic case as thoroughly and passionately and reasonably as could be done. Downloads as a PDF of 1.47 mb. OUT OF PRINT

Balfour, Lady Eve. 9,600 Miles Through The U.S.A. In A Station Wagon. London: The Soil Association, 1954.

Reprinted from Mother Earth, Journal of the Soil Association, July and October 1953 and January, April and July, 1954. A stapled booklet of over 100 pages chockablock full of photos taken by Lady Balfour. Lady B and her travelling companion drove from East Coast to West Coast and return, visiting many agriculturalists and meeting with notables of the era, including Francis Pottenger, William Albrecht, E. Pfeiffer, Cocanouer, etc. Contains descriptions of many agricultural activities as well as a most lucid and cogent presentation of the ideas of William Albrecht. Downloads as a PDF of 4.75 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Burbank, Luther. Partner of Nature. Ed. Wilbur Hall. New York: D. Appleton-Century Co., 1939.

Burbank, a brilliant and self-educated plant breeder wrote voluminously about his work. One day more of his writings may be found on this site. Meanwhile, this abridgment by Wilbur Hall will have to suffice. Written for the person of good intelligence but a non-specialist; Burbank's intention here was to both romanticize his profession while inspiring the young to follow in his footsteps. Downloads as a PDF of 896 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

The Case for Organic Food: an extensive collection of articles, bibliographies and miscellany. Compiled by Arun Shrivastava CMC, Director, Meristem Consultants Pvt Ltd, General Secretary, Society for Economic Development & Environmental Management, New Delhi, Director (Projects), All India Panchayat Parishad.

Arun Shrivastava has been passionately involved in attempts to upgrade Indian agriculture from its currently desperate situation. His work has demanded a full comprehension of farming systems and their effects on human and environmental health, so, a natural scholar, he has searched the world for information. Arun's personal book collection includes most of the titles in the Soil and Health library collection and then some. He has thousands of articles and other smaller bits of information in a computer database. The cream of this collection is now made available here. This collection will powerfully help satisfy the curiosity of anyone asking the questions: is organically grown food better? In what way? How is food quality connected to health? We all owe a debt of thanks to Arun Shrivastava for sharing this material.

you will notice many of these books Are OLD, lots of good information out there from before the chemical revolution in agriculture.

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Thanks Paul

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Thanks! Wonderful resource.

I just got Bread from Stones by Julius Hensel (translated from German) which I have not yet read. It's not on their list. It's about soil mineralization and fertility. I got mine from Acres USA.

Ida, MI

Here is an interesting book on the site folks.

Hoye, David. Solargas: How to easily make your own auto and heating fuel for pennies a gallon. Los Angeles: International Publishing, 1979.

Much in the same tradition as Possum Living, this book clearly and simply demonstrates how any energetic and determined person can easily make all the ethanol and/or methanol a person could need from all sorts of organic wastes, corn, sugar beets, etc., using home-made equipment of great simplicity, and best of all, this alcohol production is entirely powered by the sun. The only things restricting this production are various governmental restrictions on the production of alcohol and the Establishment propaganda that intends to keep people dependent. This might be the most important single book on the entire website. Downloads as a PDF of 3.3 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

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I've been a subscriber to the Soil and Health Library for a couple of years now. It's a wonderful resource. May take me a lifetime to get through everything I want to read though!

Rossville, KS

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I often look for such books online, I used to buy them, but I realized that they take up too much space. I've written out a lot of interesting literature for myself, thank you very much.

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