HOD HASHARON, Israel(Zone 10b)

HI all,
Question 1 - in basic 101 for student like moi:
What's the difference and/or relations between Dracaena and Cordyline ?

I salvaged from a nursery what we call here in Israel Red Dracaena australis, and which is called in several sites - Red Cordyline - hence the above confusion - in Question 1.
The tall trunk (about 5 feet tall) is damaged - the "tip", the "heart" broke !
From the base there is a new healthy baby stem growing. - see in first picture
Question 2 - If i will cut the trunk just under the crown - see in second picture (at finger point) - will it yield/grow a split of trunks at the top (just under the cut) ? (the way Dracaena tricolor or red margins Draceena do) !

Thumbnail by RRONNIE
HOD HASHARON, Israel(Zone 10b)

Split at finger point ??

Thumbnail by RRONNIE
(Zone 1)

Ronnie: Does that plant have any life left? It looks a bit fried to me. I would chop the top off and see if you get any green wood and if so, I would think it would sprout some new side shoots! I see you are in zone 10b, which I thought would be year round warm weather? That plant looks like it spent the winter in a cold climate. I sure hope it's still alive and I'm pretty sure if it's still viable, you can prune it and it will have regrowth.

Hopefully one of the experts will come along soon to give you some good advice. Have you thought about posting this over on the Tropical's forum? There are lots of very knowledgeable folks there who I bet could answer your questions!

Good Luck,


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