What to start in, what to start out...........

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

I need some advice, all- I am very quickly running out of room in my apartment for starting things inside- I have seedlings in windowsills, on bookshelves, on top of storage shelves, top of the fridge, on the kitchen table (I've been eating dinners on the couch lately :-) and even in the laundry room. Got my daturas starting in one of those hanging chain type basket racks- so the cats won't eat 'em!
Here is a list of what I have left that I want to have this year, and I need advice- which of these are pretty good starters from seed outside after the frost is done?? I do know some of them won't bloom this year, but I want to get them started. So even though at this point they won't get all that much of a head start on vs. starting outside, which would you recommend I use my small remaining space to start inside.......... Another three weeks and it should be warm enough here in Philly to start seeds outside. Samantha
Here we go-
Nigella (African Bride)
Nasturtiums (Jewel Mix)
Mosquito Flower/ Lopezia (Pretty Rose)
Zinnias (too many types to list)
Marigolds (same as above but even more LOL)
Cup and Saucer Vine
Sweet Peas
Morning Glories (I have about 15 types)
Coreopsis (I think this might be a perennial)
Lobelia (Crystal Palace and Sapphire)
Lavender (Munstead)
Thyme (Orange Scent)
Celosia (Pampas Plume and Red Velvet)
Calendula (Radio
Butterfly Weed
Butterfly Bush
Snapdragon (First Ladies)
Moss Rose
Four o'clocks
Forget me Not

Champaign, IL(Zone 5b)

I have successfully started marigolds, nasturtium(they say to sow a week BEFORE last frost date outside), zinnias, forget-me-nots, larkspur, asters, sweet peas, and calendulas directly outside. I think delphinium are more of a fall flower, and in my area(zone 5) are supposed to be sown in mid to late summer. I also think asters are fall bloomers, but I started mine in the spring directly outside last year and they did fine. I am guessing that moss rose can be sown directly outside as well. Last year I had a renegade pop up out of nowhere; at first I wasn't sure what it was, but thought it looked like moss rose so I kept it around. Low and behold, it later bloomed. Considering this little guy found his way into a pot sitting outside all by itself and did well, I'm assuming they sow well directly into the garden. Hope this saves you a little space in your apartment!

Weedville, PA(Zone 6a)

Hi Samantha,
Have you ever heard about winter sowing? There's also such a thing as spring sowing...and it's all done outdoors. I did this last year and had great success. My spring sown plants did better than my winter sown plants too. The spring sown things I started about this time of year, so you're right on time.

Dave's Garden has a great winter sowing forum, but if you're not a subscriber here yet you can check out http://wintersown.org/ for lots of info and free seeds too! There are even lists there for what to start outdoors and when for the zone you live in.

Hope you have tons of beautiful blooms!

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

I suggest leaving viny things for outside because they can be annoying inside if they grow too fast. Try to start cotton ASAP - mine didn't fully mature, needs a long warm season.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Thanks for the info, all-

Kls- Did you start your things outside in flats, or in the containers/garden space they'll ultimately end up in and thin? Just curious-

Heather- I did some wintersowing this year, and was really pleased with the results. And it was great to get my fingers dirty when their was snow on the ground- I'll be doing spring sowing next to give that a try. I just really enjoy starting things from seed rather than buying plants- much more rewarding to see something that you yourself nurtured!

Sally- You are right about the climbing things- I can see them getting a bit unruly and wild if you start them too early. I once started a whole flat of morning glories inside, and by the time I had potted them up and transferred them to the outside after last frost, they were all about two feet tall and already blooming! What a mess to untangle :-)
Thanks for the info on the cotton- I'll start that tonight so it will have a good start. Didn't get any growing info on it to speak of, and been pretty busy with all the flowers I have to start (If they all get going, I'll end up with over a hundred kinds of flowers!). Gonna be a great garden this year, with starting inside, my wintersowing, the perennials from last year and those things I'll be starting out :-)

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