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Hosta and Daylilies

Wayne, NE

How come places that mostly specialize in hosta also specialize in dayliles? I mean hostas are for shade, daylliles are for sun, so you don't plant them together....I was just sitting here pondering that while i was looking a different sites that have a large amount of hostas. THANKS!

I can't answer your question but it is a good observation as there are several small nurseries around here that specialize in both. I have never really thought about it but you are right....maybe because they are both easy to grow perennials and both have thousands of cultivars so not room for anything else. I think some specialize in only Hostas and only Hemerocallis because of the enormous amount of each. Both are also good for covering up old bulb foliage once they emerge. Still haven't answered your question...don't think there really is an answer.

Wayne, NE

It was one of those things that just popped in my little head the other day. So thought I'd see about others thoughts. Didn't really matter just to find others opinions I guess. Thanks lylalevi. Just another of those things to ponder on.

Putnam County, IN(Zone 5b)

hostas are a shade tolerant plant not a shade loving plant. but many can take anything from bright shade to several hours of direct sun. Daylilies can also tolerate these conditions so they can be planted together. It all all depends on the particular cultivater.

Yes...I have both in the same places and I do not have full sun anywhere on my property. Daylillies however do better with more/full sun and Hostas really do better without full sun. There are some cultivars that do better in sun (plantaginea) but none like full afternoon sun. Both like moisture.

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