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peace lilly

Bay City, MI

Ok you guys might think that i am crazy for asking this but i saw a beautiful peace lilly at the store today i wanted to buy it so bad but i have a 8 year old cat that is very nosy and likes to eat plants what i would like to know is if a peace lilly is poisons to my cat if he eats a piece of it i really want this plant is so pretty but i don't want my cat to die from it and if it is poisonus to my cat what kind of big plant can i get that will not hurt my cat i would really like a big pretty plant like the peace lilly but if that will harm my cat i don't want it but i would like something that is that big in size what else could i have SOME ONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT

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(Zone 1)

Hello Heather ..... Welcome to The Garden!

I have hundreds of house plants and 4 cats! Out of those four, one loves to eat my African Violet Leaves and another loves to eat just about any plant she can get teeth on. It's a constant battle at times! Some times they don't pay any attention to ANY plants and other times they seem to want to chew on the leaves! I think it may be something they are missing in their diets, but these two particular cats are on a Prescription Cat Food from the Vet.

There are MANY House Plants as well as Garden (Outdoor) Plants that are poisionous to cats and dogs. I had a friend years ago who raised St. Bernard dogs (Huge Dogs!) and one of hers ate a Pointsettia Plant one year. She rushed the dog to her Vet who said if it had been a small dog, it might have killed it, but her dog survived. He was a sick puppy but nothing dire.

With my cats, I have a Spray Bottle of Tap Water and when I see them near any plants, I sray them and they run. Cats generally don't like water, but alas, one of mine when she was a kitten got to thinking it was a "fun" game and would sit still and squint her eyes when I pointed the bottle at her, just waiting to be sprayed .... then she would hop and run. But, 5 minutes later she would be into something else again, or on a kitchen counter where I didn't want her to be! So, sometimes the "Spray Them With Water" Routine works, and other times not!

Another thing I try to do at times is buy the Cat Grass seed from Pet Smart and plant it up for them to have their own "Kitty Greens" to chew on. Sometimes the Pet Supply stores will also have the grass already sprouting and growing so you don't have to water it and "wait" for it to sprout! My cats love Catnip too, sometimes I find it in the produce section of the grocery store ... it will be listed as "Cat Mint" ... I've never found a Cat who didn't LOVE Catnip! One of mine would even eat it ... try to yank it right out of the soil, so I had to put it up somewhere where she wouldn't get at it. I would just cut off a couple of the little leaves to give them!

I don't really have any fool proof solutions for you and your kitty, all you can do is try. Watch your cat closely around any plants you bring into the house and try to "Train" them to stay away from them. Of course, with a Cat, it's never real easy to train them to do what you want them to do. They aren't like Dogs who "Live to Please their People" ... Cats are so independent and want to "Train their Owners"!!

Peace Lily's are great indoor plants ... they do very well in low to medium light, no direct sunlight. And, of course the bloom is Beautiful! Here's the link for Plant Files for Peace Lily ... click on it and you will see photo's of different ones. If you click on the little picture it will enlarge it for you.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

This site lists plants that are poisonous to cats, unfortunately peace lily is on the list. The training suggestions are great too but I would hold off on the poisonous plants until after you're sure that you can get kitty to behave!

(Zone 1)

There are sooooo many plants that are poisionous to cats and dogs.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

My cat does try to nibble peace lily and Janet Craig dracaena and other dracaena. Has never gotten enough to appear sick. Have moved the plants to hard to reach places. They seem to prefer these leave that are long and thin and grassy textured. They haven't bothered other things with thicker leaves like shefflera.
Spider plant is NOT on the toxic list.
The plant addict's solution- buy the peace lily and buy ten other non toxic plants to surround it....

(Zone 1)

Sallyg: My cats also love the spidery long skinny leaf plants too, but one of my cats has lately taken a liking to my African Violet leaves! Mine don't really eat much, just chew a piece or two off a plant .... sometimes they throw up ... you'd think they would learn!

I still have to watch them like a hawk and spray them with a water bottle and shoo them away from plants .... I think that they think it's a game!

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

ha, plantladylin, know what you mean. Hard to know if they are learning or having fun at our mental expense! I would not think AV leaves with the fuzz would be nice to eat.....
I planted some cheap old corn seeds for cat 'grass'

Midland, TX

Ok- talking about peace lilies... I repotted one - pot is way too big according to what I've read since. it is not doing well. leaves are turning black. so I took it home to repot. but then we got Easter snow (YIKES! potting stuff is out on the front porch) and I'll finally get to it this weekend. will just repotting "healthify" it? or do I need to do more?

as for cats and plants - luckily mine doesn't eat pothos. but I think I am the only person to kill a spider plant, with help from the cat. I think that she has taken some bites out of the peace lily too, without any noticeable effects. well, on her.

Do any of yall have a suggestion for a good houseplant book? I have several - from BAD to mediocre. They tend to list the interesting versions instead of general info.


(Zone 1)

Heather: I found this site today when searching for something else ... you might want to look at the list ... Plants that are Non Toxic to cats!

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