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onalaska, TX(Zone 8b)

Hi i have a question here. I dug up some daffodils and I have tons of them. I am wanting to do trades there already dug up and the foilage is still attached to them. What do i do to send them through the mail ? Leave the foilage and just cut it back a little and wrap them like i would do a plant to mail? Dont want to look like a idiot sending these. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Oh and these bloomed a couple of months back.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Has the foliage died back yet? If it has, I would just pull it off and ship them. Otherwise, if it hasn't died back you probably would have been better off leaving them in the ground until it does die back, digging them up before the leaves die back means that the bulbs haven't the amount of time they should have to get energy through the leaves and it'll hurt their chances of looking good and blooming next year. Maybe if you ship them and they get planted back in some soil quickly by whoever you're sending them to they'll still be OK, but if I were you I would either stick them back in the ground where they were or put them in some pots until the foliage dies back, then dig them up again and mail them then.

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