A Big Mess

Justin, TX

I moved into my new home about 6 months ago and finally have time to take stock of my yard. What a mess!! One entire side and most of the back yard fence line is covered with red tip phoninias that are about 12 feet tall and some have leaf spot. I'm hoping a trip to Home Depot will cure that. One of my Golden Retrievers loves to run up and down the fence lines to bark at neighbors dogs on each side. My goal is to plant underneath the redtips with tons of shade-loving plants to make it feel more English gardeny. I'd love to know what suggestions anyone has for the bare side of my fence (and the dog run). I wanted to plant more redtips but after reading some comments, I'm not sure. I also don't quite know how to combat the dog issue. The side with the redtips now is safe from the exercise run, but new plants on the other side probably need protection. I am in the DFW area of Texas, so I'm looking for heat and drought resistant plants. Any suggestions?

I would hold back on MORE Photinias. they are really not the best shrubs. Have you thought about an electric frnce to keep your dog in certain areas? It does work. As far as plants...you could try Epimediums, Christmas Ferns, Brunneras, Heucheras, Polygonums, ...if you could get some water there Hostas would do well also.

Justin, TX

I'm gonna check out those plants!

Garner, NC(Zone 7b)

I also have dogs that 'run the fence'. I have planted with a space that still allows them access to the fence line. See where they normally go, and try to avoid their paths. Creatively, of course.

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