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Leggy plants

Brainerd, MN

(Hopefully) I'm uploading three pics and would like opinions on if these plants would be considered leggy, and if so, if you think they will survive and bloom well. They are two different kinds of Dahlias (Victoriana and Collerette), planted from SEED but forced to be kept indoors in a sunny window for longer than they should have been due to weather here. I also wonder if cutting them back so early would kill or damage them and if that would make them bushier as with some herbs, for instance.

Pics 1 and 3 are victoriana; pic two is collarette, and it oes seem that it's all the Victorianna (I have 12) are the ones that are so much taller and thinner.

Please see the 2 following posts for the other two pics

Thumbnail by michaelangelo
Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I don't grow Dahlias so can't help you on your real question, but I do have a tip for next time you have multiple pictures to go along with the same's easier for the people who are trying to help you if all the pictures show up in the same thread rather than starting new threads for each one. The way to do this is start the thread just like you did here, then go back and post a response to your first message and put the 2nd pic in that reply, then reply again for the 3rd pic, etc. That way all your pictures stay in the same thread and people will see all of them, otherwise when you put them in separate threads people won't necessarily see them all because some of them will stay near the top of the forum page as people reply to it, but if they don't reply to the other ones they'll slip down the page and won't get noticed.

Brainerd, MN

Thanks for the suggestion - for the life of me I couldn;t figure out how to get all three together and never even thought about how they would wind up as different threads. Thanks.

You can pinch the top crown part off of the plants and this should help them get more bushy. Will you be planting them in the ground soon. Plant them deep, low and stake them.
Do you know how tall this variety grows?
Also I would post your pictures and questions in one thread over in the Dahlia forum I bet a lot of people can help you there !

Brainerd, MN

Robin thanks and thanks again Good ideas.

Adrian, MO(Zone 6a)

I would call leggy when the plants get too much nitrogen and flop over.
I don't see that, i'd say they look like some healthy tall flowers

Brainerd, MN

Thanks Len... that's encouraging and I hope you're right!

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