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Aptos, CA

So, I grow dahlias and have a large garden ( 1.5 acres )...There is always something blooming around here...I enjoy working with bees, by that I mean...as I work my 250 dahlia plants, the bees and I work side by side...When I heard of the decline of the honey bee it concerned me greatly, so I decided to begin keeping bees...I visited a local apiary ( www.pacificcrestapiaries.com ). They were incredibly helpful and as my good luck would dictate...They GAVE me 8 frame bottom boards, brood boxes supers and tops as well as entrance thingies hahaha...I ordered some books from Amazon and purchased ABJ from www.dadant.com. Another friend gave me a veil and a smoker...My brood box is ready for bees ( it already has some frames with honey and all )...I found a place that sells "nucs"..it is a bit of a drive from here( www.bloomfieldbeeshoney.com )...What else should I do to prepare for the bees??? Thanks a bunch

Stratford, CT(Zone 6b)

It sounds like your already in great shape. If you haven't already and the hive parts are used, check for wax moths as they can really do a number on a new hive. Use the entrance reducer until the bees have had a chance to build their numbers up and you might want to medicate your hive at first just as a precautionary measure. Otherwise, best of luck to you.

Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7a)

Thank you for being so willing to help the bees! Best of luck to you -- keep us posted! jo

Aptos, CA

Thanks..I just rec'd some information from the local apiary, they are going to sell me a "Nuc" and mentor me...I am in good hands...thank you for your kinds words!

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