seedlings not showing true leaves

Schenectady, NY

i've sowed some celosia (cockscomb) seeds on 4th april, and they germinated on the 6th. it's been more than 10 days, but there are no signs that 'true' leaves are growing. should i worry? i planted some statice around the same time, and 'true' leaves emerged after about a week. how long does it usually take for celosia?

they look quite healthy, though very packed together, and i think there are some signs of moss on one of the germinating pots. *gleep* what can i do to get rid of the moss? i live in a hot & humid place, and plant them on the balcony where there is not much direct sunlight.

any advice much appreciated! thanks :)

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kuala lumpur, Malaysia

pokok penyu,


got this from another site -

SOWING ... Plant Celosia Cristata - Cockscomb seed outdoors after all danger of frost is past or start indoors 4 to 6 weeks earlier. Celosia Cristata - Cockscomb flower seed is very small. Barely cover the flower seed with fine soil, well pressed down. Mist gently.

THINNING ...When plants are 3 inches high, thin or transplant 12 inches apart in rows or beds.

GERMINATION ... Celosia Cristata seed germinates in 8 to 15 days depending on soil and temperature conditions.

REMARKS ... Celosia Cristata prefers a sunny location and thrives in hot weather. Flower heads may be dried for winter.


this might also be helpful -;2-N


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