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Champaign, IL(Zone 5b)

Ok, so after doing a lot of poking around on here, I see there are generous people willing to share plants. I dug up a 12' circle last year to make a wagon wheel herb garden. It has eight sections that I want to fill with 8 different herbs. Here's the list of what I want in it:

lemon balm

I've made an attempt at growing some from seed...managed to kill most of them...the mint may still be hanging in there.....Anyway, someone just offered me some spearmint...so I was wondering if there was anyone else who'd be willing to help me out. I'm unfortunately new at this, so I don't have much to trade with(and I may not have the skill to successfully deliver a live plant to anyone :( ). But, here's what I possibly could trade:

Zinnias: seeds from last year
Nasturtium: seeds from last year
2 dracaenas: I'd gladly try chopping away at it for some herbs
dumb cane: ditto
ivy(not variegated): cuttings
Sedum(kinda like Autum Joy, but mines pink): don't seem to die easily, so should be able to manage this
Stonecrop(I think that's what its called)
Pothos or Philedendron(sp?): I have one of these, can't tell which....they were all green, but are started to get variegate....

That's all I can think of so far....also, I hope there are no horror stories of supposed DG members hacking away at some poor gardener(or wanna-be) with their hoe or hedge clippers.....giving away address to unknown people has me a little leary...lol.

I have big gardening dreams and a small pocket book, so anything would be helpful! Also, any advice on how to plant them...I'm afraid it may be too late for me to plant some things? (zone 5b).


Brimfield, MA(Zone 5a)


Not sure if you are interested, but I can send you some sweet genovese basil, caraway and dukat dill seeds. D-mail me if you are interested in case I don't come back in here and do please remind me what you need me to send!! :)



Lakeland, FL(Zone 9a)

I can send you some garlic chives. They produce bulbs similar to the walking onion. They have an octopus looking thingy that comes from a stalk that opens and flowers then make little bulbs that drop off and make new plants... or you can eat 'em! yum yum. *grinnin' and chewing a certs*


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