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need help with weeping rose

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

Have tried to stay away from roses, because we have such a problem with Japanese beetles, but i gave in. I got a 2 1/2 ft white weeping rose in a trade. I don't know anything about how to prune it, or anything:) Please help a true rose newbie.

Olive Branch, MS(Zone 7b)

I'm assuming you have a "tree" rose, or standard? That would mean that you have a grafted rose that has one rose for a root system, and another rose for the "stem" or "trunk" and the desirable variety grafted at the top of that. 2 1/2 feet seems awfully short for a standard---even a miniature. Because all of the graft site are exposed to the weather on a standard, it's especially sensitive to the cold, so you'll need a place in the garage to overwinter it after it goes dormant. It will still need periodic moisture during it's dormant state, so don't let it dry out. As for pruning, that's done in late winter/early spring, and basically consists of cutting out any of the top's canes damaged by winter, and just a general "thinning" and cutting back. Be on the lookout for suckers growing from either the trunk or the roots, as they are undesirable, and will sap the energy needed by the top graft. Be sure that you plant is properly staked, as standards can be damaged by winds. A piece of rebar covered with an old hose works great and if fairly inconspicuous.

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