Teeth whitening w/ Retainer

Eugene, OR

i have a plastic retainer like this ( http://www.greatsmiles.net/parts/RET.JPG ) one because i just got my braces off.

I got crest white strips supreme from my orthodontist and i was wondering if it's safe to wear my retainer over the strips.

I;ve heard of a whitening system with trays and gel, are the trays fitted exactly snug to your teeth? i'm wondering if the peroxide needs direct air to breath to be effective, b/c the strips themselves seem pretty breathable...


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Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7a)

I've used a system with custom fitted trays and they make a big difference. You want to keep the peroxide gel up against the teeth, not oozing all over your mouth. I think your retainer would be perfect.


Thornton, IL

When my daughter had her braces removed, she then had her teeth professionally whitened. She had a separate tray for the bleaching system, and a plastic retainer like yours rocosa73. The reason your retainer wouldn't work is, the retainer is a rigid plastic that is designed to perfectly conform to your newly straightened teeth, and it should fit very snugly against your teeth. The trays for the bleach were looser (she called them "more bendy") in order to contain the whitening solution, then they are pressed into place against the teeth. They are both made by taking individual molds of one's teeth. The cost for the whitening system was about $250, a couple of years ago. She alternated wearing the retainer at night with the bleaching system, but she was VERY dedicated. She has the most amazing smile now, but it does come with a price.One drawback to bleaching your teeth is, she must still drink ALL dark liquids with a straw, including coffee, tea (hot or iced) and colas. Tomatos can stain the teeth as well, so you must limit the use of red sauces, at least initially. Hope this reply is not too late for you, the retainer costs about the same $$ to replace!

Dobbs Ferry, NY

just go for the best whitening you can, zoom or brite smile. making appts online btw can you save you a lot of money by showing which dentists in your area offer zoom the cheapest and then you can use the online coupons the site might have

Nashville, TN

Hey! I use magic mud toothpaste and it works great for my retainer! Try it and see if it works for you!!

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