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Ottawa, ON(Zone 4a)

I received my first datura seeds yesterday (double purple). I've got no experience whatsoever with these babies.

Living in the frozen North (hard to believe in this hot muggy weather, but it is theoretically the frozen North) this will be a container plant, brought in to inhabit my living room for the winter. I might try one or two in the ground next spring as annuals, but to start with, just a couple in containers, outside for now.

Size pot? Kind of potting mix? Light exposure? Germination rates? Seed storage? Any special instructions?

I got these seeds from a small seed catalogue here in Canada ( They said there would be 10 seeds per packet, but in reality I got over 20. :o)

Thanks in advance. Left to myself, I'd just soak the seeds for a few hours stick two or three each in a couple of 4" pots and keep them moist in my miniature "greenhouse" (read: empty plastic croissant package). Please let me know what I have to modify.


Okay, I don't grow Datura, but I have grown a few of them in the past from seed. Just sprinkle them out and push a tiny bit into the soil. They come up like weeds. Any Datura growers want to help? A few species of Datura need their inhibitors soaked out with either coke a coke or vodka rinse. Of course one can just use Ga-3 to by pass the inhibitors and cause them to grow anyway as Ga-3 is a growth hormone.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 4a)

Thanks Brug. I was beginning to think I'd frightened everybody away. I'll try it with just a couple of seeds to begin with in case I don't have it right.

I hope starting them in small pots is OK? and just repotting them as they grow bigger? I know you advised starting out in the big pots with brugs, but does the same thing apply to datura?

Is it OK to refrigerate the seeds to keep them fresh till spring?

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

Janet, i grew some double purple last year, the kind with white in the center and black stems. they came up easily and seemed to transplant easily for me. as for overwintering i have no clue as they die back and come back here for a couple of years (friend of mine's was absolutely huge last year, cut back several times) and it didn't come back, they are short lived. some plants like to be root bound but datura basically are weeds, i may be wrong but i think they would grow faster and not have potential transplant shock if they were started in big pots. again, i might have this wrong. i don't think you have to regrigerate these seeds, could be wrong. i soaked mine in water over night, they were coming up within a week.
lots of people should be trading datura seeds soon, good way to stock up seeds. they are pretty, my double purple was quite exotic looking. there is a brug living there now though.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 4a)

Many thanks Arlene.

I wanted to start with datura before brugs, partly because I could put them directly in the soil here as annuals and partly because I had the impression daturas were easier. If they are basically just exotic weeds, I guess it shouldn't be too hard, eh? I'll start them up and see how we go.

As for refrigerating the seeds, it wasn't to make them germinate, just to keep them fresh till spring for the ones I won't be using right away.

Again, many thanks. Maybe I'll be back offering seeds in a number of months. ;o)

Burlington, ON

Thank you for your post.
I visited your seed purchasing site and plan on ordering their Brugmansia seed offering.
I have been wanting to find a Canadian source for Brug seeds and you just gave it to me.
Maybe in the spring we can swap stories on our seed starting!

Franktown, CO(Zone 5a)

I have transplanted many datura from small cups to larger ones to small pots to larger pots and they don't mind the transplanting. Soak 24 hrs and plant or just plant and keep moist.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 4a)

RA, not only that. I received the seeds in less than 48 hours after ordering online! I'm sure that this being the offseason helped, as well as the geographical proximity, but still! No foot-dragging there.

She's got a lot of varieties you won't find in mainstream catalogues, which is fun. It makes me wish I had more room so I could experiment more. She'll also point out potential problems with some sorts, something you rarely see in a catalogue.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 4a)

Kewl, Karma! I've got tons of 2" pots. But I don't know if I can last an extra day! I was going to plant tomorrow. Ah, the agony of it all!

What the hey, I've got some extra seeds. I'll try a couple tomorrow and do your long soak method on a couple of others. The rest wait till next year for outside. I'll let you know how things go.

Burlington, ON

Karma, do you treat your Brug seeds the same way? (with the rubbing alcohol)
Janet, I see this business is up for sale. Too bad as they do have some unusual seeds, don't they?

Midland, MI(Zone 5a)

Taking this all in. Karma, what is the effect of the rubbing alcohol?

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