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West Bay, Cayman Islands(Zone 11)

Good day friends!!
I have built my mulcher and it does not perform the way I need it too. Does anyone have any suggestions on what type to purchase for home use? Realising that I have to buy one in the US and have it shipped to the Cayman Islands. Soil is non existant here and I am trying to compost to make soil, or enrich the ground here. I have access to lots of brown and green materials to add to the mix, just a real shortage of soil, dirt, to make it happen.

Thanks for the advise,


Gilbert, AZ

What seems to be the problem with your mulcher? So you're working with sand?

Gilroy (Sunset Z14), CA(Zone 9a)

Hi John:

I remember that "soil" from Grand Turk! I've read that kelp, which you should have in abundance, makes great compost, in spite of the salt.

I've found I don't actually need "soil to make it happen" in my compost bins. I use a lot of newspaper (shredded and sheets), along with kitchen scraps, weeds, and manure from my rabbit. Oh, and patience.

Do you have access to earthworms? A worm bin might be just the thing to kick-start your project! You might be able to order the bin and the worms online---not sure how the shipping downrange would go, but I'm sure you could find a worm wrangler willing to work with you.


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