What is this plant?

Nipomo, CA(Zone 8a)

At my dads funeral we recieved this plant from an out of state friend. There was no tag at all. Any idea what this is? I don't even have a jumping off point to take a guess.

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Thumbnail by dwerland
Crosbyton, TX(Zone 7a)

its lovely...but i don't have a clue...you might wanna take it at the plant id forum:)

Nipomo, CA(Zone 8a)

Thanks I think I will. I wasn't aware there was a plant ID forum.

Crosbyton, TX(Zone 7a)

there are forums that i still wasnt aware of.....this place has em all!!! (grin)

Fort Myers, FL

I am having a hard time enlarging the photo . . .but I THINK it is one of my favorite plants, "snow bush" (Breynia disticha) It has a super soft, feathery feel to the leaves. In the shade, mine stayed very healthy, and stayed white and green. Outside, I have another that is in my garden in full sun and has new beautiful pink growth. I love both looks.

I hope this helps!

Kwajalein, Marshall Islands(Zone 11)

In the picture, it looks like you might have two different plants in there. Some of the leaves look variegated and larger than the majority of the all green ones. Is this the case, or is it just the lighting in the picture?

Fayetteville, NC(Zone 8a)

OK, so what is the plant?

Nipomo, CA(Zone 8a)

Snow on the Mountain

Glendale, AZ(Zone 9b)

I was thinking along the lines of ficus. Leaves look a lot like a variegated creeping fig, but it's obviously not creeping.

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