New Garden owner

Frisco, TX(Zone 7b)

In August of last year, I completed my 20X40 garden. Despite the fact there is not official "organic soil" as far as I can tell, but rather soil that has been treated as organic, I had the newly stone wall encircled plat filled.

We are going to be coming up on my second crop (I had a fall crop and am in the middle of the spring crop now), the soil may soon need to be fortified.

What reccomendations do (any of) you have on what method I should use to add to the soil to enhance and promote grown in an organic nature?

Will J
Frisco TX

Fairfield County, CT(Zone 6b)

Worms! Lots of big, fat worms. Lots of compost and for really "perky" plants - free coffee grounds from Starbucks. :} I use organic fertilizers from Gardens Alive.

Shenandoah Valley, VA(Zone 6b)

If you add organic material, the worms will come. You can add all the worms you want and they won't stay if the soil's not worm-friendly. I add chopped straw, chopped leaves, greensand and rock phosphate, chicken litter, and grass clippings (only on top and away from stems!). Then we mulch heavily and don't till: the soil structure's full of holes and roots and billions of worms. If you add organic mulch like the grass clippings, leaves and straw throughout the year, and a nice layer of composted manure (or fresh manure down in the fall, covered w/ mulch), you won't need to buy fert, and the tilth will be lovely.

Congrats on your garden!

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